Gmail doubles the size of attachments – but not how you’d...

Gmail just announced a decision regarding attachment sizes that's at very minimum a bit odd and certainly not what we were expecting, in the slightest.

11 NFC uses for your everyday life

Here’re some really helpful NFC uses that you had probably never thought of: unlocking your car, travelling, sharing your home Wi-Fi or setting alarms.

New Record: 18 million messages sent on WhatsApp on New Years...

WhatsApp has set a new record for messages sent in one day. The famous instant messaging application processed 18 million messages on the last...

Rise of Civilizations is now available globally on Android

Rise of Civilizations is a new real-time strategy game for Android with excellent graphics and strong inspiration from the Civilization saga.

Recover accidentally erased smartphone pics with Undeleter

Undeleter is a free app for Android that lets you restore and recover any kind of file that you previously erased.

InstLife: live an entire life in just five minutes

InstLife is a free game for Android where you get to make important (and not so important) decisions throughout a life and see how chance and karma work for you.

Google updates its Gmail and YouTube apps for iOS

Google has just released new versions of two applications that don’t need any introduction: YouTube and Gmail, both of which are available on Apple’s...

Leena Desktop UI turns Android into a desktop workspace

Leena Desktop UI is an app that turns your new version of Android into a desktop environment with stackable windows.

Introducing the website for Mega, Megaupload’s successor

Last week, Kim Dotcom announced the name and date of Mega’s release, which will be showcased on January 19, 2013 as the successor to...

Chinese smartphone manufacturers reach the top 5 worldwide

Apple and Samsung still lead the fight for the throne of smartphone sales, with the latter already at the top. But, there have been...