Did you search for something on Google recently? Could you make out any difference in searching? To your surprise, Google has redesigned its entire search pattern.

According to the sources, company was working onto this aspect since long and finally all its efforts have bared sweet fruit of success lead by untiring hard work put in by people of respective department.

Present market is filled with smart competition; hence Google is making untiring efforts to separate its identity from other search engines so as to hold back its strong position.

Latest search pattern allows users to look for things in a vertical pattern contrary to its existing horizontal search pattern. Additionally, search tools are now located directly under search field contrary to their earlier placement taking up space on sidebar.

advanced Google Search Pattern

An automatic textbox pops up at the right side bar under following two conditions.

  1. When user sticks close over to a search result.
  2. Searching for a famous name, place, thing or person.

For instance, if a person searches for London, right side bar would be occupied by all current & upcoming events, interesting places to visit, photographs of famous places as well as a Google Map depicting location its location.

All this is aimed at imparting “next generation search feature” into current search engine which will help in getting most relevant information about investigated keyword. This is a result of joint effort made by Google’s Search Engine executive Amit Shinghal and his proficient team of software experts who are aimed at making the search similar to “how humans understand this world”.

This change is being considered as a part of biggest ever renovation made in the entire history of Google in order to lead increasing competition within the current market. In coming months, more changes are being expected to take place into this advanced pattern result which has been chiseled as “semantic search”.

Special infrastructure layer which is also being called as knowledgeable graph is being incorporated leading to changes in search which will ultimately enable better matches for user queries. Intelligent search feature has also been added that helps in completing the keyword that is being searched by you.

Moreover, two other features have been introduced in past few days.

First one is a scientific calculator that will immediately popup if you type some calculation in the search box thereby allowing you to perform even the toughest of calculations easily.

Secondly, advanced Google Handwrite feature has been introduced which allows people to use their touch sensitive phones and tablets in an entirely new and advanced manner.

Instead of tapping fingers onto the screen of device, people can simply scribble down their search onto required page. This speeds up searching process thereby allowing users to save more time.

Activation process of this feature is really simple. You just need to go onto the settings button located in upper right corner, tap handwrite header located there and refresh that page to enable current setting.

Friends! What are you waiting for? Obtain complete benefits of these new changes and enable them onto your Smartphones to work in a reliable, smarter & faster way with Google.




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