Jelly Bean 4.2 and its new features

After weeks of scouring the web among speculations about a new Android update, which people thought would be called Key Lime Pie, I can’t...

What CES 2013 left us

The International Consumer Electronics Show, which took place in Las Vegas, ended on Friday, January 11. There were around 150,000 people that visited the...

Angry Birds Space is ready to download!

Angry Birds Space is the new and outstanding release of these amazing birds who have revolutionized the world of casual games. They first appeared as...

How to install Windows 7 and Ubuntu on the same PC

Every now and again it’s good to wipe your operating system, whether because you want to update it to get more out of your...

WakaWaka Power: an efficient solar power charging station for smartphones and...

The fact that smartphone and tablet batteries deplete very fast is a problem that manufacturers are trying to solve by increasing the battery capacity...

Five Android games based on viral videos

Viral videos have their own special spot in the world of gaming. Here's our choice picks of the best viral videos come games.

Google Images gets a makeover

Google announced on its official corporate blog that in short it is going to change the structure and appearance of its Google Images service,...

Photo Sync: Facebook enables automatic photo upload on smartphones

Starting this week, Facebook is releasing a feature called Photo Sync, which automatically uploads the photos taken with your iOS and Android smartphones to...

iTunes 11 is now available

Less than a week ago we had mentioned that the release of the new version of iTunes was going to happen soon--and starting today...

MediaFire mobile cloud storage is now available for Android

MediaFire, one of the most popular cloud storage services, has just launched its app for Android, from which you can conveniently manage your cloud...