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Every day we see hundreds of headlines in the technology sphere. Here at Uptodown we focus on the most important information related to the world of software, covering everything from the most relevant news items and articles on IT security to advice on online privacy.

A dangerous spy software attacks your smartphone through WhatsApp

A vulnerable feature in WhatsApp allows an attack from a spy software which could have already affected the more than 1,500 million users around the world.

Google Tasks is (finally) included in the Gmail app

The tool to create Gmail lists and notes is now included in the Android client after resurfacing as an independent app.

Dawn of Isles, the new game from NetEase that’s similar to...

An Android MMORGP with enormous production values, set on a tropical archipelago.

PUBG Mobile’s Chinese version has a new name: Game For Peace

The Chinese version of PUBG Mobile is called Game For Peace, an anti-war battle royale that includes really peculiar new features.

10 new features that will be included in Android Q

Google introduced a bunch of new features that’ll be included in Android’s new version during an official event. The third beta is now available.

Microsoft introduces a new version of Minecraft for smartphones which includes...

This upcoming 17th of May, the mysterious game will be officially introduced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original game.

How to add GIFs, photos, and videos to your retweets on...

Twitter has introduced a new feature that now lets you retweet using images, GIFs and videos.

Tales of Wind, the new MMORPG with the spirit of Ragnarok...

Tales of Wind is a new Freemium MMO along the same lines as Ragnarok Online. And its official version was just released for Android.

Now on raffle at Uptodown: 3 full licenses for PowerDVD19 Ultra

Cyberlink is raffling five full licenses to its Ultra version. We explain below how to enter.

You can now try Firefox Fenix, the future for the Mozilla...

A brand new flavor that includes new features to manage tabs and sessions. Firefox Fenis is the future for the Mozilla browser.