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Uptodown has an enormous catalogue of programs, each with a corresponding product description. To delve even deeper into the possibilities of particular software, we highlight the most relevant programs—whether they be desktop programs (for Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu) or smartphone apps (for iOS and Android)—and talk about them in depth, explaining how they work and giving a clear verdict on their possibilities.

Ninja Tobu review: keep on climbing

Ninja Tobu is a platformer that's as simple as it is addictive, where you'll defy gravity as a ninja with superhuman agility.

Bigo Live review: the live streaming giant from the East

Bigo Live is one of the most popular streaming platforms on the planet, with more than 400 million users.

Review of RaiDrive: easily manage all your cloud storage services

Don't miss our review of RaiDrive, a tool that allows you to group your cloud storage accounts in one place.

Pocket Ants review: build an empire from the ground up

Don't miss our review of Pocket Ants, a game to create and manage your own ant colony in a gigantic small-scale adventure.

Party Games: 2 3 4 Player Coop review: pure and simple...

Don't miss our review of Party Games: 2 3 4 Players: 12 fun games for up to 4 players, all on the same smartphone!
Online Soccer Manager OSM featured image

Online Soccer Manager review: take your team all the way to...

Take control of the world's best soccer teams right on your smartphone's screen

Horrorfield review: become predator or prey in this horror game

Don't miss our review of Horrorfield, a multiplayer title where you'll have to escape from a deranged killer... or become one.

J2ME Loader review: bring back classic Java video games

J2ME Loader is a complete Java game emulator for Android that allows you to enjoy authentic mobile classics.

Fashion Empire review: run your own high-end boutique

Experience what it feels like on the other side of the counter by building and managing your own clothing store. Don't miss our Fashion Empire review.

Impossible Space review: conquer the cosmos with just one hand

You won't want to miss our review of Impossible Space, a great shooter that will put your thumb to work throughout a virtually endless number of levels.