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Uptodown has an enormous catalogue of programs, each with a corresponding product description. To delve even deeper into the possibilities of particular software, we highlight the most relevant programs—whether they be desktop programs (for Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu) or smartphone apps (for iOS and Android)—and talk about them in depth, explaining how they work and giving a clear verdict on their possibilities.


Vaporgram lets you retouch your pics so they acquire that Vaporware...

Vaporgram is an app for Android that lets you transform your pictures into part of the artistic Vaporwave movement.

The best games for Android launched during the first semester of...

It’s time for us to go over the best free games for Android during the first semester of 2019.
Dollify faces

Dollify, the new popular app to create portraits of your avatar

Dollify is an app that lets you create customize portraits to use as avatars on apps, games or social networks.

Elemental Dungeon is an ambitious RPG that you’ve gotta try

Combine elements to take down all the enemies lurking in the dungeons in Elemental Dungeon, a roguelite with hints of Magicka and Diablo.

Spotify Lite: listen to the music you love while saving mobile...

Spotify joins the list of apps with reduced versions with Spotify Lite, a compact app that lets you stream your favorite music while keeping track of data usage.

Auto Chess and the best games for Android?

Auto Chess or Autobattle is the new trendy genre. We’ll tell you what it’s all about and mention the most important games for Android.

Keep an eye on the time that you spend on your...

ActionDash is an app for Android that helps you control the time you invest in your smartphone.

Phone X Launcher Android: with the look of an iOS

Phone X Launcher lets you enjoy iOS on any Android smartphone. It’ll change the look and provide the usual App options.

30 free games for Android released in 2019 that don’t require...

Here’s a list of Free to Play games for Android smartphones that can be played offline.

Lumii, a complete and free photo editor

Lumii is a photo editing app that lets you adjust parameters like lighting and color, while still giving you tons of great filters to choose from.