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Tops and Comparisons

The best way to analyze and evaluate a product is by comparing it with other similiar ones. Thus, we place special emphasis on software comparisons. Thanks to Uptodown’s enormous catalogue we can recommend many alternatives for the same task, meaning there is always a better option than that application you thought was the only one of its kind.

5 privacy improvements offered by DuckDuckGo to surf safely

Have you heard of DuckDuckGo yet? It's a browser that uses private browsing methods on both smartphones and computers. Here's a look at some of its excellent features.

TOP 10 Video Editing Software

Una selección con herramientas para PC con las que podrás editar vídeos, ya seas un creador profesional o un entusiasta que quiere sorprender a sus amigos.

The top Android games of 2020

2020 may have been a strange year, to say the least, but that didn't stop the mobile game world from releasing some huge hits. Join us as we look back at 15 of the best mobile games of the year.
Top Games Android First Semester

The best Android games released in the first half of 2020

Here's our pick of the most outstanding free Android games that have been released so far this year.

The top 10 Android games of the month [December 2019]

Here's our roundup of the best games that came out on Android during the month of December. All high-quality titles that are available for free!

The best Android emulators for the first PlayStation

With the 25th anniversary of the first PlayStation, it's time to highlight some of the best PSX emulators you can find on Android

The top 10 Android games of the month [November 2019]

Black Desert, The King of Fighters, Final Fantasy and Naruto are just some of the licenses of Asian-origen that came out with new games this month on Android.

The best kids apps for learning math

Here are some of the best apps to help children of all ages and levels learn math using a smartphone or tablet.

Six apps from Google Creative Lab to help control smartphone use

Google Creative Lab has developed different experiments concerning digital well-being and you can give them a try right now.

The top 10 Android games of the month [October 2019]

Here's our selection of the best free and high-quality games that came out for mobile devices in the month of October.