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Tops and Comparisons

The best way to analyze and evaluate a product is by comparing it with other similiar ones. Thus, we place special emphasis on software comparisons. Thanks to Uptodown’s enormous catalogue we can recommend many alternatives for the same task, meaning there is always a better option than that application you thought was the only one of its kind.

The best free puzzle games on Android for 2022

We've selected the best puzzle games that you can enjoy on your Android device. A varied list that considers the latest releases in the genre.

The best kart racing games for Android in 2022

Fans of Mario Kart can find similar games on Android, and today we recommend the best ones available.

The best Battle Royale games available on Android in 2022

There's life beyond PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. Here are some of the best Battle Royales that you can find on mobile devices.

The best Android emulators for PC

Here's our roundup of the best Android emulators for PC that make it possible to run mobile games on desktop computers.
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Opera vs Brave: which browser is best for dealing with cryptocurrencies?

Opera and Brave browsers offer similar privacy features, but also very different ones when it comes to dealing with cryptocurrencies.

The best SRPGs for Android in 2022

We've selected the best tactical role-playing games, or SRPGs, on Android. Clear your schedule, it's time to spend hours in great combats.

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome in 2022: comparison and benchmarks on...

We've analyzed the features of both Edge and Chrome browsers and tested them using a range of different benchmarks.

The best golf games for Android in 2022

We select the most outstanding golf games you can find on Android - a list packed with all the most relevant titles and tons of variety.

The best free First-Person Shooter games available for Android in 2022

We've put together a list of the best first-person shooters on Android - an assorted selection of FPS games that you won't want to miss.

The best children’s games for Android in 2022

Here's a roundup of all the best Android games for kids in 2022. Colorful, eye-catching, and simple titles for all ages.