Honkai: Star Rail, the new free game from HoYoverse —creators of Genshin Impact— is now available. If you have already started playing it, you are probably wondering which are the best characters to compose your team. Don’t worry. Even though there are many of them, we will offer you a selection of the best of each role.

What is Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail is the new HoYoverse game. It is a JRPG with turn-based battles in which we can use several characters— each with their own skills. This title takes us on a journey through the galaxy, exploring new worlds smaller than in the company’s previous games but with more content and challenges.

What are the best characters in Honkai: Star Rail?

Although Honkai: Star Rail has just been released, its roster of characters is already quite extensive and varied. Each one belongs to a role depending on whether they are more offensive, defensive, or auxiliary to their teammates. Below you can see a selection of the best characters in the game as of today:

Gepard Gepard image, a male character of Honkai: Star Rail with blond hair and blue eyes

The defensive facet of turn-based RPGs like Honkai: Star Rail is rarely considered, but it is one of the most essential. For this reason, one of the best characters of this title is Gepard, captain of the Silvermane Guard, who, with his huge shield, not only has a base defense of more than 600 but also, with his ulti, gives extra protection to all his allies.

Bailu Image of Bailu, a female character of Honkai: Star Rail with purple hair, green eyes and some kind of antennae.

Another fundamental role in strategy games like this one is that of the healer, that is, a character that can heal or improve the health of their allies. Bailu is the best healer in Honkai: Star Rail today, not only because of her stats and skills towards herself, but because with her ulti, she gives her teammates the ability to recover life when hit. She also has good speed, health, defense, and base attack.

Bronya Image of Bronya, a female character of Honkai: Star Rail with long gray hair

If you want the best support in Honkai: Star Rail today, we recommend trying Bronya— heiress to the Supreme Guardian of Belobog. Her base stats are very balanced, and she also has special skills that increase the attack of allies and their chance of critical hits. In fact, her basic power eliminates the negative effects of a partner and allows him to perform an action immediately, skipping the turn.

Jing Yuan Image of JIng Yuan, a male character of Honkai: Star Rail with long gray hair.

Jing Yuan is one of the most balanced characters on the list, ideal for those just starting out in Honkai: Star Rail and wanting a versatile hero. His basic attack does a good amount of damage to opponents, but what makes this character special is that at the beginning of each game, he summons a huge being with electric power whose attack can be increased every time we use the ulti.

Seele Image of Seele, a female character of Honkai: Star Rail with long, purple hair and purple eyes.

We finish with Seele, currently considered the best DPS in Honkai: Star Rail. With a base speed of 115, she doesn’t need too much health or attack to become one of the fastest characters but to compensate for those lower stats, she has an ulti that inflicts 255% of her attack to a single opponent— which can become lethal if used at the right moment of the fight.