Uptodown Advertising Services encompasses all the advertising options available on our app store. As leaders in the alternative distribution of apps, we provide developers, publishers, and advertisers with the largest promotional showcase to reach a global audience.

Real impact for an organic audience

One of the primary challenges in app promotion is finding a suitable target audience. At Uptodown, we take pride in the fact that most of the traffic from our 130 million monthly users is organic. This means that our app store audience is genuinely interested in the world of applications and is passionate about technology and software. With our primarily web-based user acquisition and our SEO positioning leadership, we ensure highly effective campaigns that impact an audience committed to our brand, technology, and online shopping.

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Advertise on our app store…

With over 85,000 developers registered on our platform, we are the primary option for distributing software through a secure and flexible alternative channel. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to boost your app downloads on Uptodown by utilizing our promotional spaces within the store with unbeatable conversion rates. Recommendations to users downloading apps and visibility in prominent places of our marketplace are the basis for these rates. The only requirement is to be registered in the Uptodown Developers Console and have your app officially published with us. The service is completely free of charge without any exclusivity clause or minimum publication period. For more information, visit our Help Center.

Standard ad services on Uptodown

…or become a sponsor!

If you want to go further in making yourself known on Uptodown, consider our special sponsorship spaces. These feature impactful creatives that adorn the store, reaching 100% of users throughout their journey, from accessing our site to downloading the applications they seek. We tailor our offerings to each client’s needs, ensuring any brand or service can find a place in Uptodown, regardless of the industry.

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How to request our services

If you want to leverage Uptodown Advertising Services, contact us without hesitation. You’ll find a contact form and more information about our various advertising spaces and options on our official advertising page. Once we receive your request, our marketing team will provide information and guide you through the process without any obligation.

What are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity to promote your app or brand on Uptodown and reach millions of users worldwide!