We are thrilled to announce our first-place position in the Best Workplaces Málaga 2023 ranking for companies with up to 100 employees, an accolade by the esteemed consulting firm Great Place to Work. This recognition is based on satisfaction surveys conducted among employees of certified companies, and in Uptodown’s case, an impressive 100% of our team considers the company a great place to work.

This accomplishment is the result of a significant internal transformation spearheaded by the Human Resources department under the leadership of Luz Jofre. This initiative successfully aligned our global objectives with a company culture and working conditions, prioritizing each employee’s well-being and personal and professional development. Thanks to our sustained efforts over the past months, we stand as the company with the highest team satisfaction in our hometown.

As numerous studies worldwide have indicated, Málaga is undergoing growth in its business industry, presenting both opportunities and increased competition in the labor market. Despite this, we remain committed to our roots, maintaining our offices in our city of origin and continuing to attract local talent. Taking care of our team and preserving our roots is an integral part of our philosophy.

This achievement marks another stride toward excellence in our mission to become the leading alternative app store, democratizing application distribution during a period of change. New regulations such as the European Digital Markets Act advocate for a more plural and equitable mobile industry. In response, we recognize the importance of providing the utmost transparency to best represent the ideals we have championed for over two decades.