At Uptodown we work closely with a number of app developers in order to offer their apps on our platform. From the Bench is one of the most successful Spanish studios with major official sports licenses as demonstrated by the tremendous popularity of the saga of football management strategy games that go by the name of Fantasy Manager. Not to mention the successful NBA General Manager 2017. Speaking of the latter, as a result of our tight partnership with its creators, from today on every active player in this game will receive an additional package of 50 free coins sponsored by Uptodown.

The Russians at ZeptoLab hit the jackpot with their game Cut the Rope, with its more than 500 millon downloads since its release in 2010. While that game and its sequels have been Zeptolab’s biggest hits so far, the developers still keep plugging away in other directions, as seen in their super-catchy King of Thieves and Pudding Monsters. Now they’re back to try their luck with CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, a title where you have to create homemade mechanical vehicles piloted by felines and set them to run up against the creations of other players.

The thin line that separates a tribute from plagiarism is sometimes, well, extremely thin and it can be hard to find out which side of it you’re on. If the resulting product is mediocre our hands tend not to tremble when we point our finger and call it a shameless ripoff. But when the work is good? Soul Knight could fit on this end of the spectrum as it looks and feels like Nuclear Throne and, in particular, Enter the Gungeon, but it’s still a great free game for Android.

Blizzard knows what’s up. A few days ago it announced that it’s developing Starcraft: Remastered, a remake of the original game from 1998 that pumps up the graphics, slated for this summer. To stoke expectations, they’ve just released nothing less than a new patch for the first game, with the main change being that besides updating the compatibility to suit modern machines, it’s now being distributed as a completely free title. You can download it without paying a dime, even if you don’t have a BattleNet account.

As announced this week on its official blog, Instagram is rolling out a new feature available from version 10.17 of the Android and iOS clients to let you make custom collections out of posts saved as favorites. Plus it’s possible to organize them into themed folders to keep track of everything in a move that brings it closer to the approach of Pinterest. Plus it’s rolling out a new offline mode that lets you like, save, and make comments on posts when you have no connection, and sync everything automatically whenever you go back online.

While Google Earth had its moment, it’s quite clear that it’s lost momentum over the years due to largely being eclipsed by the features on Google Maps and a clear absence of new developments in 3D visualization. Two years ago a new automated 3D viewing system for buildings and geographical features was implemented to replace the outdated, manually uploaded static 3D models. Now the latest version of Google Earth has jumped lightyears ahead of all that, offering an impressive interface from which to explore the world with an unimaginable precision and level of detail, and with added tools for discovering remote places all around the planet.

Survival games have gotten hugely popular over the years and it’s now dead easy to find a good handful of titles where the idea is to live as long as you can on a desert island, through a zombie apocalypse, or in a setting rife with voxels. Survival Planet is another game to add to this list, but its approach to the survival genre is rather more minimalist and original.

Rounded borders on device screens appears to be a trend that’s here to stay, as shown by devices like the recent LG G6 or Samsung Galaxy S8. Though for obvious reasons it would be rather extravagant to try to modify the corners of your hardware itself, it’s entirely possible to simulate this look with software using the Cornerfly app.

These days it’s simply not enough to protect your apps with a strong password given the constant hacks and security breaches on the biggest web services. This is why the two-step verification system has become an indispensable defensive barrier if you want to make sure you’re protected. Here we explain what it’s all about and how to activate it on popular services like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Steam.

Fans of dizzying shoot’em ups are in luck with the latest game from the development team behind the popular Crossy Road. Shooty Skies is a vertical arcade game where you continually put your reflexes to the test while annihilating every possible kind of enemy along the way.