Often the label sandbox gets slapped on video games that it doesn’t belong on. We’re talking about a proper sandbox if it lets you manipulate your environment to play with your creations. By this definition, Minecraft IS a sandbox, but a GTA is not. Roblox is a top-tier sandbox, but its origins are much humbler. This 3D game development environment has an enormous community of developers and players, and its Android version is among the top downloads on that OS for a ton of different countries. It’s not for nothing that it’s currently got more than 30 million active users.

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Just as announced, SEGA is right on schedule with rolling out a classic game from its catalogue every two weeks. After the first round of titles from SEGA Genesis and the more recent Virtua Tennis, the 16-bit games are back with The Revenge of Shinobione of the most iconic SEGA Genesis titles and a direct sequel to the first release in the Shinobi saga. As of today you can download and install it on your Android with no geographical restrictions of any kind.

Anybody who’s ever seen a photo that made their mouth water can appreciate a tool to fetch a recipe based solely on a picture. Addicts of the Food Porn subreddit probably have this thought every time a recipe-less post gets published on the thread. Luckily there are people out there who are trying to make the world a better place: developers at MIT have put together the Pic2Recipe project, a website and potential mobile app that can pull up recipes using just a picture as the search term.

A flood of news is coming out of Asia about the hit MOBA Honor of Kings, a game for iOS and Android that’s killing it in China with more than $150 million in revenues during the month of June alone and the number one title in terms of both downloads and revenue. Besides its entertainment value, we’re also hearing bizarre reports such as the fact that its developers disconnect players under age 18 every now and then to make them rest or block the entry of any new young people from a certain time onward. With all these chops to their name, the looming date of August 10 promises to be a proper event as it’s the day slated for the game’s global release.

The “Tales of” saga has been delighting JRPG fans since Tales of Phantasia appeared in 1995. Twenty-two years later Android finally gets a game that does this prolific saga justice: Tales of the Rays is a new spinoff created specifically for smartphones and tablets in which you can experiences the adventures of this RPG franchise in an excellent way. Will you be able to save the world?

The official Instagram app doesn’t let you download other people’s posts, though this isn’t the case with your own Stories. But luckily there are quite a few third-party apps that let you save other people’s images and video clips. Of all the ones we’ve tried, we stuck it out with StorySaver as it lets you do this task easily, not to mention recording the Live broadcasts recently uploaded by people you follow.

One of the apps that’s stayed in vogue longest in the Android catalogue is PicsArt, a super-complete photo editor that’s been installed a mind-boggling 400 million-plus times on mobile devices of all kinds. But these astronomical figures make perfect sense once you try the app and discover the huge array of things you can do with it.

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Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon… All these animated movies have a common denominator: the team behind them is DreamWorks, a motion picture studio with nearly two decades of film production under its belt. With 30 films to its name, it’s naturally racked up a lot of beloved characters – and now DreamWorks has brought them all together into one all-star title. DreamWorks Universe of Legends unites all the studio’s franchises into a game that marries action and strategy.

Lots of people use TweetDeck to DM with their contacts just like on a normal chat service. While the program’s multicolumn system works great on desktops, it’s rather more complicated on a smartphone. Aquila Messenger solves this problem with an app that takes the DM feature and brings it closer to the standards of chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

A recurring annoyance when browsing on Android usually happens when you try to redirect a webpage to its associated app. Or usually, when it WON’T redirect. The OS usually asks you what app you want to open a specific file or page with, but sometimes the apps aren’t linked up properly and you end up stuck watching a YouTube video in your browser instead of in the official app (or whatever video player you prefer to use). Though these problems can be resolved manually, the Open Link With app does precisely this in a much smoother way, forcing the system to ask you which app you want to associate a given link with.