For yet another year, we are launching our Android 2023 report on the consumption habits of users who visit Uptodown. As in the previous edition, we offer precise data on the most used brands and models, the predominant Android versions, the most used browsers when accessing our platform, and other interesting data to shed some light on the current state of the platform.

The browser war has a winner

Google Chrome celebrates a decade as the top browser on Android thanks to being included by default preinstalled on most devices sold in Western countries, having added two points (85.5%) over last year. Samsung’s official browser is the second most used, with 3.70%, due to the brand’s predominance among users. Opera (1.74%), UC Browser (0.70%), and Mozilla Firefox (0.65%) make up the rest of the top-5.

  1. Google Chrome 85.5%
  2. Samsung Internet Browser 3.70%
  3. Opera 1.74%
  4. UC Browser 0.70%
  5. Mozilla Firefox 0.65%

Bar chart with percentages and icons of the most used browsers by Uptodown users.

Top 10 most downloaded Android browsers on Uptodown in 2022

Android does not solve its fragmentation problem

The results confirm the trend of recent years in terms of a decline in the rate at which users are renewing their handsets. Android 11 (20.89%) remains, for the second year in a row, the most widespread OS version today, which is striking considering that two stable versions of the OS have subsequently been released. The last of these— Android 13— is in second position with 17.23%, followed by Android 12 (12.95%), Android 10 (12.34%), and Android 9 (8.14%). The fact that the predominant versions include a release that is almost five years old is, in a way, a burden when preserving safety and performance standards on the platform.

  1. Android 11 20.89%
  2. Android 13 17.23%
  3. Android 12 12.95%
  4. Android 10 12.34%
  5. Android 9 8.14%

Bar chart with percentages and icons of the most used Android operating system versions by Uptodown users.

One in four cell phones is Samsung

Samsung is by far the manufacturer with the most significant number of devices on the street in terms of both share and diversity of handsets, with almost a third of the market (31.51%). Xiaomi (18.73%), Huawei (18.73%), OPPO (5.92%), and Vivo (5.41%) keep fighting, with the latter two increasing their share from last year when they first entered the top. Interestingly, the most widespread devices are not those of the dominant group. Xiaomi and its Redmi 9, 9A, and Note 8 models are the most used, increasing the manufacturer’s presence by almost two points compared to 2022. Beyond the top 5, Infinix enters the top 10 most used brands for the first time, with a 2.99% share.

  1. Samsung 31.51%
  2. Xiaomi 18.73%
  3. Huawei 10.04%
  4. OPPO 5.92%
  5. Vivo 5.41%

Bar chart with percentages and icons of the most used device brands by Uptodown users.

Other information of interest

The screen resolution most used by users is 360×800 (14.96%), followed by 360×640 (10.41%). As for the type of Android device used, 94.95% use smartphones, 4.64% tablets, and 0.98% Android TV.

The results of this study reflect the preferences of millions of users around the world and provide valuable insight into current trends in most used mobile browsers, operating systems, and device models. Traffic data from Uptodown users worldwide between January 1 and June 23, 2023, was used to compile this report. In the case of the most used versions of Android, only statistics obtained between June 19 and June 23, 2023, have been used, given the constant evolution in the operating system’s update rate.

Download the full report [PDF]