Uptodown will be an official distributor of Honor of Kings, the amazing MOBA by Tencent Games and Level Infinite. This game has not only been the most popular in China for several years in a row, but it has also been the global leader in revenue, raking in over $1.48 billion in in-app purchases in 2023 alone. That’s more than $300 million ahead of its nearest rival, PUBG Mobile, another Tencent title you can find on our marketplace.

Honor of Kings Uptodown promo image soft-launch

Honor of Kings debuted in 2015 in the Asian market and has since become a juggernaut, with over 100 million active players. Although its global launch has faced some delays due to various factors (such as Tencent’s acquisition of Riot Games and the release of League of Legends as its main focus in the MOBA genre), it will finally go live in 2024.

Right now, the game is available in some selected regions as part of a soft launch, meaning that only a lucky few can play it. However, the list of countries where it’s available is constantly growing. From its premiere in Brazil in March 2023 to its recent arrival in Eastern Europe, Turkey, the CIS region, South Asia, and the MENA territory on February 21, 2024, Honor of Kings is quickly expanding its reach so that everyone can join the fun.

Despite having over a decade of history and a huge amount of content, the developers are committed to making Honor of Kings accessible and attractive to new players. Among their initiatives, the generous offer of letting all 72 characters be available for free trial for a month stands out, making it easier for newcomers to get into the game.

If you have an Android device, Honor of Kings is now officially available for download on Uptodown. However, please note that availability in each country will gradually unlock as the soft launch expands to more regions.