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Contrary to the old saying, no one was born ready, so we aim to provide step-by-step tutorials on doing specific tasks on your PC or smartphone. Whether you need to learn in-depth how to use your operating system or take full advantage of the capabilities of the programs you use, we offer user guides for both day-to-day and professional activities.

How to unlock legendary dragons in Hungry Dragon

Do you want to get legendary dragons in Hungry Dragon? We'll tell you the requirements and methods to unlock them!

How to earn money in TikTok

Find out how to monetize your videos on TikTok and earn money using this trendy platform.

How to play Subway Surfers on PC and mobile devices for...

Want to play Subway Surfers? Here you have all the ways to download and install it for free on PCs and mobile devices, as well as several tips for beginners.

How to play Gacha Life on PC for free

Gacha Life can be played for free on PC, both through its official version and using emulators and other apps. Here's how.

How to find your history of watched and liked videos on...

Want to know how to browse all the videos you have watched on TikTok? It's easier than it looks! Here's a step-by-step guide.

How to start playing Gacha Life: 5 tips

If you want to start playing Gacha Life and you don't know how, here are the key tips and tricks to do it.

How to win more games in Stumble Guys

Do you want to win every game of Stumble Guys? We show you all the tips you need to know to succeed.

How to appear in the Instagram magnifying glass and reach more...

If you want to appear in the Instagram magnifying glass and reach many more people, follow these tips.

How to get free Primogems in Genshin Impact

Do you want free Primogems for Genshin Impact? Here is how to get them, and we will show you the codes valid today.

How to unlock the complete house in Granny

If you want to pass Granny, use this complete guide where we show you how to escape from the house without being caught by grandma.