If you are starting to play Call of Dragons— the new strategy MMO from Farlight, and you want to know which are the best creatures for your team, here is a list of the best behemoths you can get today.

What is Call of Dragons?

Call of Dragons is a new multiplayer strategy game developed by the creators of Rise of Kingdoms. In this title, we must manage our own army formed by legions and special creatures with individual characteristics and skills. The interpretation of 3D settings is very important because understanding and taking advantage of space can be key in battle.

The best dragons in Call of Dragons

In Call of Dragons, we can face different creatures —or “behemoths,” as they are called in the game— so that they join our team. As you can imagine from the game name, among these beings, there are dragons, and below we show you some of the best ones:

Flame Dragon

Image of Flame Dragon from Call of Dragons

The Flame Dragon in Call of Dragons uses the primitive energy of magma to attack its opponents. It has six special powers, although one of the most powerful is the Lair of the Firedancer— with this skill, it creates a crystal barrier and instantly kills all the legions inside its lair. It can also attack with its tail, its claws, its fire breath, and with a leap, as well as with a flame charge.


Hydra image from Call of Dragons

With its three haughty heads, the Hydra has one of the best passive skills we could want for our team— it is immune to depowering and decay effects. In addition, it has several special skills that attack enemies in the area, so it is very useful to eliminate entire legions. Of course, its poison damage is also remarkable because it takes life from anyone infected by one of its attacks.

Thunder Roc

Thunder Roc image from Call of Dragons

It may not technically be a dragon, but the Thunder Roc is one of the most powerful beasts in Call of Dragons because it is a flying behemoth with electricity powers. It is a very tactical creature, as it can use its lightning to block the passage of enemies by electrocuting masses of water around it. It can also generate mana stones while flying and has a very special advantage— it cannot be targeted while in the air.

Other Call of Dragons creatures you must have on your team

Not everything in Call of Dragons is about dragons. In this real-time strategy game, there are also other creatures that we can get for our team. Below you can see some of the most powerful and recommended today:

Magma Daemon

Magma Daemon image from Call of Dragons

This powerful mass of stone and magma has the same passive skill as the Hydra, which prevents them from suffering depowering and decaying effects. In addition, it has multiple skills related to lava and burns— one of the most powerful allows him to summon a group of acolytes who move towards him and eventually sacrifice themselves to heal him. Other more offensive powers range from a powerful fiery wave that inflicts magic skill damage to all legions caught in its path to creating a scourging field around them that launches strikes every several seconds.


Direbear image from Call of Dragons

The Direbears are a dark version of the Giant Bears— another Call of Dragons creature. These beings have been exposed to the influence of the mana stone for too long and have been corrupted by the forces of evil. This makes them more powerful and gives them powers that deal magical damage to enemy legions. In addition, it has a berserker attack capable of damaging all surrounding enemies.


Necrogiant image from Call of Dragons

It is one of the most powerful creatures in Call of Dragons because it cannot take magic damage, nor can it receive depowering or decay effects. In addition, they can take advantage of the presence of giants to share health points and reduce the damage they receive. They can perform many special techniques related to teleportation, although they can also use the staff to strike in arc and perform magic damage.