A few years ago, no one could have imagined that the elaborate MMORPG genre would have a second life on mobile devices. We’re not exactly talking about short rounds and simple interfaces, but quite the opposite instead. Thanks in part to the automation of the tiresome tasks they involve, massively multiplayer online role-playing games continue to be more popular than ever. We’ve selected the 30 best MMORPGs available on Android. It’s time to get grinding!

Best Android MMORPG


Nothing but good can possibly come out of a studio made up of former employees of NCsoft, Nexon, Netmarble, Neowiz and Webzen. RebirthM is a textbook 3D MMORPG that has everything you could ask for from the genre: PvE, PvP, guilds, raids, Player Killing, mounts, pets and leveling up all over the place; not to mention its spectacular graphics made with Unity that can ultimately be customized to make the game run on lower-end devices. If you have to choose just one MMORPG, this should probably be the one. [Download RebirthM]

RebirthM screenshot best MMORPG Android


V4 is everything that an Android MMORPG should be. Not just for its spectacular graphics made with Unreal Engine 4; nor for its variety of tasks that include PvE, PvP and social interaction with other players. What really makes it great is the possibility of cross-platforming with the PC version and being able to switch between both versions. Nexon knows where the future of the genre is going. [Download V4]

V4 screenshot best MMORPG Android

Albion Online

This game from Sandbox Interactive is somewhat different from what you can usually find in the genre. It offers a more hardcore experience where even one wrong step can make you lose part of your team. Wandering through the world of Albion means crossing areas of an enemy faction whose members can attack you at any time. Deep down, we missed this excitement that was typical of the MMORPGs of the early 2000s. [Download Albion Online]

Albion Online Screenshot best MMORPG

Warhammer Odyssey

A massive online role-playing game set in the old world is something we’ve been waiting many years for, since the closure of the iconic Warhammer Online. Even though we don’t like to make comparisons, Warhammer Odyssey lets you relive the sensations of roaming the lands of Warhammer Fantasy with a miniature MMORPG that will take you to well-known locations of the empire like the Drakwald Forest and Marienburg. [Download Warhammer Odyssey]

Warhammer Online best MMORPG screenshot

MapleStory M

MapleStory isn’t exactly an unknown saga. It came into existence as a Korean game for PC in 2003, and got turned into a total revolution by exploring other facets of the genre like social interaction and avatar customization. That said, what really makes this game special is its development, completely in 2D, which will make you feel like you’re playing a classic action platformer as you explore this world. It’s a breath of fresh air with big-headed characters and bright colors among so much darkness. [Download MapleStory M]

MapleStory M MMORPG screenshot

Old School RuneScape

Don’t be put off by its graphics. A 20-year-old MMORPG that’s still alive and kicking has plenty of reasons for you to give it a chance. RuneScape is larger than life, in fact, it’s a complete second life that doesn’t require you to follow a predictable storyline that leads you to fight against evil. You can simply make a living however you want in its vast universe. This mobile version is nothing more than a client adapted for Android of the ‘Old School’ version of the game. If you want something more contemporary, its authors also offer a revamped version of the original game. [Download Old School RuneScape]

Old School Runescape screenshot best MMORPG Android

Bless Mobile

Joycity launched Bless Mobile globally in January 2021 as a mobile adaptation of its PC counterpart, which became Free-to-Play shortly before. There’s no doubt that its graphics in Unreal Engine are already a plus, in addition to an easy and enjoyable control system. Perhaps it is guilty of resorting too much to ‘auto-run’ and ‘auto-combat’ that almost makes you a spectator instead of an active part of the experience, but it’s well known that many players prefer a semi-contemplative experience. We respect that and this is the best option for them. [Download Bless Mobile]

Bless Mobile screenshot best MMORPG Android

Rohan M

Another great of the genre on PC is Rohan Blood Feud. This mobile adaptation brings most of the elements from that one to Android devices, like the seven selectable races, PvP, PvE, cooperative dungeons, a complete pet system, professions, guilds, a self-regulated economic system, etc. It’s an Asian MMORPG with an isometric perspective for anyone looking for something simple and beautiful. Exactly, the perfect mobile game philosophy. [Download Rohan M]

Rohan M screenshot best MMORPG Android

Black Desert Mobile

One of the most played MMORPGs on PC arrived on Android after several months of waiting, with an international version already in place with servers for every continent. It’s one of the mobile games with the most spectacular graphics that can be seen today and almost as many possibilities as its big brother. [Download Black Desert Mobile]

Black Desert Mobile screenshot best MMORPG Android

Perfect World Mobile

The quintessential MMO set in Chinese mythology. With 15 years under its belt, it was only a matter of time until a mobile version of the franchise arrived, considering how many other licenses have already made the leap. You’ll find flying elves, mythological monsters and a whole lot of farming in a fantastic saga where beauty takes precedence. [Download Perfect World Mobile]

Perfect World Mobile screenshot best MMORPG Android

AxE: Alliance vs Empire

NEXON is a leader when it comes to MMOs for smartphones. AxE is an open world MMORPG with visuals that are way above average and incredible features such as massive battles of up to 75v75 as well as other game modes such as PvP and PvE. Two warring parties, each with three different classes and a progression system that’s similar to the popular Lineage 2 Revolution. [Download AxE: Alliance vs Empire]

AxE screenshot best MMORPG Android

Blade & Soul Revolution

An adaptation for Android of one of the games that’s created the most excitement inside the genre. It’s probably enough to say that it was developed by non-other than NCSOFT, the original creators of Lineage for PC and other works such as Aion. This time, they’ve stayed away from classic fantasy to introduce you to a universe where martial arts and Chinese mythology pave the way.  [Download Blade & Soul Revolution]

Blade & Soul Revolution screenshot best MMORPG Android

Crown Four Kingdoms

Not every game subscribes to the “teen” aesthetics established by the classics of this genre. Crown Four Kingdoms went for a more child-like appearance with colorful visuals and big-headed characters. But don’t let those visuals fool you, because the content level is just as good as any other classic. Think of this game as the middle point between Lineage and Ragnarok Mobile. [Download Crown Four Kingdoms]

Crown Four Kingdoms screenshot best MMORPG Android

Dragon Raja 2

The name probably sounds familiar to you if you’ve been with us for a while. Its predecessor dates back to 2004. This saga, which is based on the popular Korean novel by the same name, is now granted a sequel for smartphones that includes a bunch of strong features. The first one that stands out is the visuals since its character editor is incredibly detailed. Its eight races, different professions, and NPC recruiting systems place this game as a must in this list. [Download Dragon Raja 2]

Dragon Raka 2 screenshot best MMORPG Android

Ragnarok M

Ragnarok M Eternal Love is one of the many games that have been released as regional versions of this MMORPG. The iconic saga has tried to establish itself in the Android catalog a few times, but it seems like this game is the winner. Beautiful visuals, passion for customization, outfits, colors, and huge social components go beyond killing creatures and completing missions.   [Download Ragnarok M]

Ragnarok M screenshot best MMORPG Android

MU Origin 2

MU Online is back with a sequel that keeps all the identity markers of its predecessors: an Asian MMO with an obsession for constant and unproportionate level-ups and a high level of automatization that almost turns it into a simulator to micromanage inventories. Without a doubt, the best in its class. [Download MU Origin 2]

MU Origin 2 screenshot best MMORPG Android

Rangers of Oblivion

This time, the reference clearly focuses on the Monster Hunter saga since the vast majority of the missions revolve around destroying giant creatures that are hiding somewhere on the map. Other than that, it includes everything that other more iconic MMORPGs include. [Download Rangers of Oblivion]

Rangers of Oblivion screenshot best MMORPG Android

Tales of Wind

Is there anything more Ragnarok, than Ragnarok itself? Although the saga already has a contemporary representative, there are other spiritual heirs. Tales of Wind (also known as Laplace M in some countries) is an all-around adorable game, from its cute and colorful visuals to the nature of the game itself. You can customize your characters, form groups,  share living spaces and even get married. An MMO to make you happy. [Download Tales of Wind]

Tales of Wind screenshot best MMORPG Android

Utopia Origin

Another category of massive multiplayer role games focuses on crafting to reach higher levels, much like in ARK: Survival Evolved. That’s exactly what Utopia Origin is all about. Walk around open worlds where you can thrive and build new objects and buildings in order to advance and understand the secrets of the world a little better. All of this with the help of other players, of course. [Download Utopia Origin]

Utopia Origin screenshot best MMORPG Android

Dawn of Isles

You need to be really brave to create a game for smartphones that was clearly inspired, at least aesthetically (and a tiny bit in gameplay), by the iconic The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This NetEase game is one of the last to arrive since it was announced, as well as one that’s created the most excitement. [Download Dawn of Isles]

Dawn of Isles screenshot best MMORPG Android

MU Origin

The mobile version of the super-popular MU Online PC version was one of the first “great” ones to arrive. Closely following the tracks of the Asian MMOs, MU Origin embraces Freemium to integrate it in this hybrid that’s almost closer to a hack and slash that’s characteristic in the Diablo saga, than to an online multiplayer role game. [Download Dawn of Isles]

MU Origin screenshot best MMORPG Android

Taichi Panda 3

The first installments of the Taichi Panda saga were super fun 3D action games, but this third part has widened its horizons. This time, you’ll be in an open world filled with tasks to complete. Framed by a humorous tone and an apparent fixation for using different frames (you can even fight in the air), Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter can be equally enjoyed by Chinese mythology fans and Kung Fu Panda fans alike. [Download Taichi Panda 3]

Taichi Panda 3 screenshot best MMORPG Android

Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder

We could almost consider Rise of Ragnarok to be the bastard child of the Diablo saga more than it would be of any classic MMO. As we’ve previously mentioned, the crossbreed between genres is popular when it comes to transferring the gaming experience into small screens. The mixture can also be witnessed in the settings since they’re a rehash of Egyptian, Nordic and Greek mythologies. Besides that: PvP, guilds, professions, and other default equipment. [Download Rise of Ragnarok – Asunder]

Rise of Ragnarok screenshot best MMORPG Android

Blade & Wings

We’ve been trying to walk around it, but it’s impossible: Blade & Wings is an MMORPG with anime aesthetics, in every sense of the word. In other words, voluptuous and powerful young women with monumental swords alongside adorable talking raccoons. If you’re into that kind of thing, then this game is definitely for you. [Download Blade & Wings]

Blade & Wings screenshot best MMORPG Android

Dead Rivals

The latest Gameloft release isn’t an MMORPG, per se, but it does include some aspects that could be considered like so. An action game with zombies, quite a few aesthetic similarities with the popular Fortnite and a mission-based system, sprinkled with common areas. Plus, its production values are just as high as any of the studio’s recent releases. It earned its place in this list. [Download Dead Rivals]

Dead Rivals screenshot best MMORPG Android

Final Fantasy Awakening

It was impossible to not add at least one Final Fantasy title to this list, considering just how many games from the franchise exist on Android. Awakening is the sequel of Type-0 from PSP, set in the Nebula Chrisallys saga, that also forms part of Final Fantasy XIII. If we’ve lost you here, then you should probably move on to another game. If not, then you just might have found the game you’ve been looking for. [Download Final Fantasy Awakening]

final fantasy awakening screenshot best MMORPG Android

Royal Blood

The game from Gamevil is one of the most spectacular that we’ve seen, visually speaking. The Unity engine hasn’t been given many opportunities to shine so brightly on Android, and since a picture’s worth a thousand words, Royal Blood has become a success after its recent international release following various months in closed beta. [Download Royal Blood]

Royal Blood screenshot best MMORPG Android

Dragon Project

The fact that it’s an MMORPG that’s played vertically should already be a selling point for players in search of innovations in such a closed genre. But the real surprise comes when you realize that Dragon Project is similar in a lot of ways to what the Monster Hunter saga offers. Enough said. [Download Dragon Project]

dragon project screenshot best MMORPG Android

Dragon Nest M

Dragon Nest has been around for nearly 10 years on PC with different incarnations of its MMORPG, so its adaptation for Android has generated quite a bit of expectation. With its combat system without automatic aiming, the six original classes from the Windows version, and good graphics, Dragon Nest M earns its spot in the rankings as one of the best. [Download Dragon Nest M]

Dragon Nest M screenshot best MMORPG Android

Lineage 2 Revolution

We’ve saved the best for last. If World of Warcraft is the most well-known western MMO with most of its success occurring in recent years, Lineage is its Asian counterpart. The Android version includes tons of content that are constantly being updated since its international release: daily missions, world bosses, guilds, PvP arena, mounts, and dungeon raids are just some of the ways you can find happiness in this game. [Download Lineage 2 Revolution]

lineage 2 screenshot best MMORPG Android


Translated by Sarah Odebralski


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