Tales of Wind, the new MMORPG with the spirit of Ragnarok M

Tales of Wind is a new Freemium MMO along the same lines as Ragnarok Online. And its official version was just released for Android.

South Korean MMORPGs are more present and relevant than ever. Laplace is the PC title that, just like other similar products like Lineage or Ragnarok has made the jump to Android devices where the genre is experiencing a second wind. In fact, Tales of Wind takes the torch from the aforementioned Ragnarok Online both on a visual level as well as its concept. After going through various beta phases, and the release of a version for Southeast Asia (SEA) under the name of Laplace M, the international version of the game is finally available.

laplace m screen 1 Tales of Wind, the new MMORPG with the spirit of Ragnarok M

The game can be downloaded and installed without any geographic limitations via XAPK, available on Uptodown. The main difference between this recently released international version and the Asian version is that it’s available in eight languages, including Spanish and English.

Tales of Wind is lovely and plays in the same league as the softer games in the genre. Although we’re talking about a traditional MMOPRG in terms of gameplay, it puts special emphasis on other elements beyond destroying monsters and leveling up. For example, cooking soup or sewing a nice outfit it just as important as a quest to destroy monsters. The social interaction is also very present, letting you create guilds, build and share your house, and even live as a couple and build a family. 

laplace m screen 2 Tales of Wind, the new MMORPG with the spirit of Ragnarok M

The other element that sets this game apart from the rest is that everything revolves around collecting pets in the form of collectible cards. In addition to having animals for company, they can also participate in combats and many of them can even be used as mounts with their own abilities. The typical real-time controls and abilities with cooldown make the combats even more interesting. That said, there’s also auto-questing, so you can play more passively, letting your character wander automatically from one objective to another.

Tales of Wind for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


  1. fake information laplace m is still not available in india then hoe can you say it’s international version. i’m still waiting this game. but don’t know when they will going to open it for international users.


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