The top 10 Android games of the month [November 2019]

Black Desert, The King of Fighters, Final Fantasy and Naruto are just some of the licenses of Asian-origen that came out with new games this month on Android.

It’s that time again — time to sum up the most relevant games that have made their debut on Android throughout the month. This time, a lot of the titles are of Asian origen: from sagas like The King of Fighters, to the highly-anticipated Black Desert Mobile; not to mention the new title from Epic Games and new installments in the Final Fantasy saga.


No one can say no to a good Dungeon Crawler, especially when we’re suffering in agony, waiting for news of the possible release of Diablo Immortal on Android. This is why Anima ARPG brings us hope as it brings us the dark Gothic settings of the first installments from the Blizzard saga. Alright, so it may not be as polished as an AAA production, but we think that’s part of what makes it great! [Download]


War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

The Final Fantasy saga has been divided, twisted, and combined in all possible ways with the enormous number of games that Square Enix has released for mobile devices. In this case, it brings back the formula from the long-awaited sub-saga Tactics to integrate it in the Brave Exvius universe. The result? A fantastic SRPG that hasn’t yet reached the west, but can already be enjoyed internationally as long as the language barrier doesn’t bother you. [Download]

Final Fantasy War of the Visions


With so many serious, spectacular, and epic MMORPGs, we forget that one of the great things about spending hundreds of hours in a virtual world is feeling comfortable. Skylore brings back the 2D sprites and isometric perspective of yore to bring us a “friendly” MMO with adorable graphics and endless tasks to complete, typical of the genre. [Download]

Skylore screenshot

Battle Breakers

Epic Games has enough pull to be able to create licenses from nothing and manages to find its place in an industry that’s saturated on all levels. Although Battle Breakers has been around for a couple years, it wasn’t until now that it was released officially as one of the first titles for mobile devices that will make up part of their own marketplace. Here you get puzzles and colored gems, with combats between creatures with different powers. [Download]

battle breakers screenshot 1 The top 10 Android games of the month [November 2019]

Battle Prime

Yes, not a day goes by without half a dozen new multiplayer online shooters showing up on Android, but Battle Prime has enough positives to be considered one of the biggest releases of the month. In this case, we’re talking about a third-person action game where you get to fight against the rival team of androids in battle. And each class has a series of special skills that you have to master. Plus, it’s actually really nice looking. [Download]

Battle Prime Screenshot

Deeprealm Odyssey

A game that adapts part of its gameplay from an awesome game like Downwell deserves our respect. You have to descend through various vertical settings collecting gems and defeating enemies that get in your way. It’s a simple formula, but just like in the indie title this one is based on, it’ll have you hooked to no end. [Download]

Deeprealm Odyssey screenshot

Night Agent

In recent times, we’ve been seeing a type of third-person action game with anime appearance, in the shadows of greats like Honkai Impact 3rd and Hundred Soul. Night Agent doesn’t rely on a successful license, nor does it need to. Its spectacular graphics along with a Hack and Slash gameplay make it a title worth checking out this month. [Download]

deeprealm odyssey screenshot The top 10 Android games of the month [November 2019]

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

SNK took the floor in the ’90s thanks to the number of licenses that were created for Nego-Geo/AES. One of the most important ones was, specifically, a combination of various sagas in a single annual title. The King of Fighters never completely disappeared thanks to the constant re-editions and new concepts that the renewed SNK Playmore is developing on Android. So a new quality beat’em up featuring Terry Bogard, Iori Yagami, Kyo Kusanagi, and the rest of the crew is definitely worth celebrating. [Download]

king of fighters all star The top 10 Android games of the month [November 2019]

Naruto: Slugfest

People are so excited to play the global version of this new game based on the work of Masami Kishimoto that after just a week-long tester phase, Slugfest has become one of the most resounding titles of the month. In this MMORPG, you play a ninja from the village who will become wrapped up in the typical problems of Naruto, Kakashi, and company. It’s a real treat for fans that, soon or later, will show up officially in the west. [Download]

Naruto Slugfest Screenshot

Black Desert Mobile

We can’t tell you much you don’t already know about what is probably the MMORPG of the year on Android. After over a year-long wait, we finally have the final version of this mobile adaptation of the PC game. Although it won’t come out officially until December, you can already play right now without any geographic restrictions, as long as you use a VPN. [Download]

black desert mobile 2 The top 10 Android games of the month [November 2019]


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