Battle Prime has become a title to be reckoned with in the market of hectic third-person shooters created exclusively for mobile devices. Thus, the work of Press Fire Games has become a true phenomenon due to impeccable graphics and a wild and very undemanding gameplay in terms of time expenditure. However, as usual in this type of game, there is a premium currency called “PrimeCoin.” In this guide, we tell you how you can get it for free.

Battle Prime coins

In this game, there are two types of coins to spend in-game. The standard currency is the “BattleCoin,” while on the other hand, there is the “PrimeCoin,” which can only be obtained with real money or under very specific circumstances.

The game is perfectly enjoyable without the need to go through the cashier or get these types of coins. However, they pave the way and greatly facilitate obtaining new skins and other types of perks that can give us some advantage when facing successive battles. Even so, how they can be received is certainly limited.

Battle Prime promo image showing a line of characters aiming to shoot

BattleCoin, the regular Battle Prime currency

The first of the coins is the “BattleCoin”— a currency that is much easier to obtain without paying. Even so, getting hold of a good amount is complicated and requires us to complete several tasks. The following possibilities exist to obtain this coin:

  • Complete missions of the game’s seasonal events
  • Advance in the free in-game BattlePass
  • Log in and get them in the rewards calendar

PrimeCoin, the premium currency of Battle Prime

The “PrimeCoin” is the game’s premium currency that allows us to unlock a series of very interesting features of Battle Prime:

  • Purchase the “Battle Pass Elite”— the premium version of the battle pass for this title
  • Buy various items only available to users with this type of currency
  • Spin the premium items wheel

Battle Prime in-game screenshot

In this title, getting the premium currency in a totally free way is complicated. In other titles, it is pretty simple, but on this occasion, it is tough to advance without this asset. Even so, here are the ways to get the “PrimeCoin”— only one is totally free. For the others, we will have to pay a certain amount of money to get them.

  • Purchase a package that includes “PrimeCoin” in the store.
  • Advance in the “Battle Pass Elite” only available to users with a subscription.
  • Spin the seasonal wheel— the only way to get this coin totally free of charge.
  • Subscribe to the premium service to receive 40 “PrimeCoin” daily for the subscription month.

On the other hand, this premium service has other advantages. It allows you to gain 50% more experience both for player progress and for leveling up weapons and battle pass. In this way, contracting a premium service allows progress to be made much more quickly. However, it is not available for free, except for a three-day trial.

Free Battle Prime codes and how to redeem them

Unfortunately, there are no free codes in Battle Prime at the moment. Unlike other titles, such as Free Fire, in the work of Press Fire Games, we cannot get free coins through free codes. In the future they may decide to implement this improvement. For the time being, it is really complicated to get “PrimeCoin” totally free in the game.