Raziel, the Tencent’s hack and slash inspired by Diablo, is now available

The new game from the Asian giant is now available. This time, it’s a dark fantasy game that’s clearly inspired by the Blizzard saga.

We’re still expectantly waiting (and as patiently as we can) for Blizzard to release their Diablo Immortal for smartphones. Tencent is an expert at taking advantage of successful niches and knew exactly what to do with our eagerness to enjoy a good isometric dungeon crawler. After several months, we finally get the first stable version of Raziel. This is a 3D hack and slash with high production values that, although it’s currently available in Chinese, you are now free to play it no matter where you are in the world. Here’s how you can register and access the game.

Requirements to play Raziel on Android

As far as the hardware goes, you need an Android 5.1 or greater and 2GB of RAM memory. You also need 6GB of space available in your smartphone since the APK weights 1.9GB. Other additional in-app downloads will take place. As we mentioned before, the production values are hight and you’ll need a medium to high-end smartphone to play.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to have a WeChat or QQ account for your social login. In both instances, the registration will be similar to that of any other instant messaging tool. After installing the app, you’ll be asked for your username and phone number the first time you enter the app. You’ll then receive a confirmation SMS in your smartphone and you’ll need to enter a code.

When you finally enter the game, and after installing a bunch of additional data, you’ll reach the social login menu. At this time, you’ll then need to tap on the button that corresponds to the messaging app you chose in order to confirm that you want to use the social login. You’ll then see the game’s main menu.

What does Raziel offer?

As we mentioned before, the fact that the game is in Chinese won’t stop you from enjoying it just the same. The gameplay is really user-friendly and it’s much like the latest Blizzard games and other similar ones. After choosing your main character (for now you can only choose between a wizard and a warrior), you can advance to the story mode where you’ll be challenged to complete a sequence of levels by destroying your enemies and collecting treasures. The money that you earn can then be used to buy equipment or upgrade what you already have. As you can tell, nothing you haven’t seen before.

But Raziel and its 60 dungeons per player are much more than PvE. The game includes a cooperation and competitive mode within 1v1 or 2v2 battles through its Arena mode, as well as guild battles. All those gaming modes will be progressively available once the game is launched. As it usually happens with most of the Freemium MMOs for Android, the best way to enjoy the experience to the fullest is by playing every day to unlock the uncountable login rewards available.  


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