Golf fans are in luck. When you can’t be on the green, plenty of golf games on Android bring your favorite sport to your smartphone. This sports subgenre makes it possible to get a hole in one in all different styles: from more realistic options to wacky styles with fantasy mini-golf courses. We’ve put together a list of the best golf games that you can find on Android. Fore!

Top Android golf games: golfer celebrating

WGT Golf Mobile

If we had to say one thing about WGT Golf Mobile, it is that it is a pretty strict title. Your objective is the same as the rest of the games on the list — to get the ball in the hole — but here, you will find enormous attention to detail in terms of courses and equipment brands. While it hasn’t exactly aged well, it still has a good community to play against online. [Download]

WGT Golf Mobile: Woman hitting a golf ball


PGA TOUR Golf Shootout

The official game of the most important golf circuit in the world will allow you to feel like a professional golfer from your Android device. With official licenses of the U.S. championship, PGA TOUR Golf Shootout has all the essentials to experience games full of realism. The control system is very intuitive, and as you earn trophies, you will be able to open envelopes of cards that will grant you more exclusive clubs. [Download]

PGA TOUR Golf Shootout: Close-up of a golf ball

Super Stickman Golf 3

The Stickman franchise has brought us games from all genres, shapes, and colors. We could get lost among the cohort of real games, clones, and deliberate copies, but at least we can be sure about two things regarding this golf game: it’s original, and it’s impossible to get bored with it. These wacky settings will challenge you to get the ball in the hole in as little time as possible while you unlock objects and characters. And watch out for its multiplayer mode — it’s extremely addicting. [Download]

Super Stickman Golf 3 screenshot

Golf Blitz

In Golf Blitz, you will find a different kind of golf game. Throughout each game you play in this title, you will be able to view the twisty fields shown using sinuous contours. Demonstrating your skill, you will try to get the ball to each hole using as few strokes as possible at each level. To add to the fun, you can also apply lots of special powers and abilities that you will unlock as you overcome challenges. [Download]

Golf Star

The always-trustworthy Com2uS has been perfecting this Golf Star for a while now, with the result being one of the best games you can find for this sport. The simplicity of its controls is the same as in the rest of the classic golf games, but with various game modes that give a lot of life to the genre. [Download]

golf star

Golf Rival

The online component is one aspect that makes Golf Rival a very addictive golf game. In this title, you will find a vertically oriented interface capable of displaying dozens of holes at a glance scattered along various courses. Hitting all the balls with precision in the different duels, you will have to score more points than your opponents to climb positions in the world ranking. [Download]

Golf Rival screenshots: Close-up of a golf ball and players ranking

Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade

Yes, we said we were going to talk about the best golf games, but you have to admit, it would be boring if we listed 10 games that were exactly the same. Variety is the spice of life. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here in this fun arcade game. Don’t worry about picking the right golf club or getting the ball to land on the green…here, your mission is to make it through small settings to reach the hole before you run out of swings. It’s an incredibly simple and incredibly fun game. [Download]

Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade screenshot: Obstacle course

Mini Golf King

If you like Clash Royale or other PVP games, you’ll love Mini Golf King. Behind the colorful arcade-style, you’ll find surprising depth for a mini-golf game. The winner isn’t the first to reach the hole but the one who gets the most points. Each setting is full of different paths to take, making for a super entertaining game. [Download]

Mini Golf King screenshots

Ultimate Golf!

From Miniclip, they have also opted to provide large doses of realism to one of the best golf games for Android. Through visually well-developed courses, you can almost smell the scent of freshly watered grass in every challenge. Using a control system based on titles like Angry Birds, you will be in charge of propelling each ball so that each sphere enters its corresponding hole. And as if that were not enough, in the upper area of the interface, you will have updated information about the development of each online confrontation.  [Download]

Ultimate Golf screenshots: Golf ball throws in close-up and overhead view

Golf Clash

Golf Clash is one of the sacred cows of Android. It’s a game that keeps on raking in awards with every step (you can see examples here or here), and it does so with an overwhelming simplicity. We’re not talking about the most powerful game on the market, but it’s all about the gameplay here. If you haven’t given it a try yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. [Download]

Friends Shot: Golf for All

And to close this complete selection, you can try installing Friends Shot: Golf for All on your Android device. This title combines the realism of fun golf games with cute animated characters. Helping these big-headed golfers is very addictive since each of the protagonists will have special abilities that you will be able to use to the fullest. Thus, almost without realizing it, you will overcome each hole as the complexity of the challenges increases. [Download]


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