Summer is in full swing and those of us with kids know a smartphone or tablet can be a lifesaver when trying to pass the time on long trips. Fortunately, there are plenty of free games for kids that are perfect for having a good time when traveling by plane, train, or by car 

There are all sorts of games out there for kids. From your basic animal sounds or puzzles to more complex games that make kids think or follow rules. Games with classic characters, like from Star Wars or Pokémon, or games with animals, dinosaurs, and cooking. Here you’ll find some of the best games for children of all ages on Android.

Games for preschoolers

Your littlest ones need colorful, simple, and eye-catching games. You’ll want to find titles with a simple gameplay that don’t require any explanations. Most games explain how they work through audio, so it’s not necessary to read or follow any instructions.

Pokémon Playhouse

Pokémon Playhouse is one of the best games for children under three. It’s a basic app that lets you feed your Pokémon, make them play in the yard, and clean them up when they get dirty. It has graphic explanations and basically, you just have to drag and drop to do anything, or grab the object the images tells you to.

Pokemon Playhouse

It gives you an adorable version of Pokémon characters we all know and love. You can do puzzles, listen to stories, or simply explore the house and get to know all the baby Pokémon in their rooms. [Download]

Baby Panda’s Animal Farm

Any of the games from BabyBus and Baby Panda are a good option if you’re looking for simple and colorful games for preschoolers. In this title, you have to help the panda take care of all the farm animals and sell products at the market.

Baby Panda

You have to raise, sell, and take care of animals. You can access new levels as you sell items in the store and buy new settings with coins. This will give you access to chickens, sheep, and cows. You’ll have to clean them if they’re dirty, shear the sheep, and milk the cow. [Download]

Baby Panda’s Dinosaur Planet

Another good option from Baby Panda is Dinosaur Planet. Dinos are always a kid-favorite and here, they can take care of them, hatch eggs to get up to 10 different species of dinosaurs, and then play with them. It’s a kids game that’s packed with basic minigames that are perfect for kids of all ages. 

Baby Panda’s Dinosaur Planet

Aside from the games, Baby Panda also explains everything about each one of the species of dinosaurs. It gives you a brief encyclopedia of dinosaurs that explains what the prehistoric creatures ate, what they’re called, and more. [Download]

Masha and the Bear

In this game from Masha and the Bear for preschoolers, you have to take care of all the animals. The first thing you’ll see when you open the app is a carousel with sick animals and each one of them needs specific treatment.

Masha y el oso Android

You’ll have to treat each one of the animals, clean wounds, pull out thorns, etc. For each animal you treat, you’ll receive an award and new medicine that you can use on future patients. [Download]

LEGO Duplo

The classic LEGO Duplo have their own game for smartphones. In this children’s game you have to stack the pieces together and build a city. It’s simple game without any complications. You can choose all sorts of pieces to use to build houses, rooms, settings, and vehicles, just like with the real pieces.

Lego Duplo

You can also move the characters and have them play at home, move around the setting, etc. It’s basic and perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. [Download]

Games for kids ages 6 and up

LEGO DC: Mighty Micros

This racing game features Batman and Catwoman with their own vehicles. You can control any characters from DC Lego and even Robin or Bane to go full-speed in 3D races. You have to complete the challenges the game gives you and do so from the seat of your vehicle. The first one: catch Harley Quinn while dodging objects and using weapons.

LEGO DC: Mighty Micros

The controls are so simple that you only need two fingers to control the steering wheel and shoot when necessary. You use your right hand to steer and the left to launch objects. As you complete levels, you’ll get new cars and missions. [Download]

Frozen Free Fall

Here we have a classic puzzle game with a theme from the movie Frozen. You just have to connect the pieces that match and unlock levels as you go. It’s a lot like the popular Candy Crush, but with Elsa, Ana, and Olaf. Plus, in each level, you have the help from one of the characters from the movie, and all of them have special abilities that will help you complete the levels when things get tricky. [Download]

frozen free fall screenshot The best games for children on Android

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids

This game is similar to the last one, but with a different theme. Instead of Elsa and Ana, you have BB-8, Finn, and Rey to accompany you in this Candy Crush-style game. In Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, BB-8 has lost his memory and you have to complete levels to get back his memories and explore scenes from the movies or key moments, alongside the well-known characters.

star wars puzzle droids 2 The best games for children on Android

You just have to match like-colored gems to collect them and complete levels. There are special pieces that will help you get rid of more gems with a single move. You’ll find over 50 different levels and it’s perfect for all ages or anyone who loves Candy Crush. [Download]

Toca Kitchen

Here’s a game for little aspiring chefs. The two installments of Toca Kitchen are games for children where you have to make food to feed all of your guests. Each one has a favorite food that you have to prepare to make sure everyone is happy.

toca kitchen The best games for children on Android

You can cut, boil, fry, and toss in salt and pepper. The main idea in Toca Kitchen is to experiment in the kitchen and make sure the guests are happy. [Download]

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter

Here’s a classic Bubble Shooter with an Angry Birds theme. You have to use a slingshot with colored balls to connect three or more like-colored balls and make them explode. To pass the level, you’ll have to clear all the balls from the screen by shooting at them and making the three pigs fall.

angry birds pop screenshot The best games for children on Android

In this Angry Birds game, you also have birds (obviously) and you’ll see pigs that you have to shoot at with the slingshot when necessary. It’s a classic game for all ages, but the Angry Birds theme makes it especially attractive. Plus, there are hundreds of levels available. [Download]

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Any of the classics from Rovio are good options if you’re looking for a good game for kids to be able to play for hours, a simple gameplay, tons of levels, and attractive themes.

star wars angry birds The best games for children on Android

This Star Wars themed-game lets you use characters like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker to knock down the structures. Each character has special abilities but the gameplay is similar to any other game from Rovio. [Download]

Where’s my Water?

Where’s My Water 2 is one of the best games for the young and young at heart. It’s a game where you have to make the water reach Swampy so he can take a shower. To do this, you have to dig paths in the ground to guide the water to the shower without losing any along the way.

wheres my water 2 The best games for children on Android

There are over 100 levels, obstacles, and complications, but Where’s My Water 2 is an ideal game for anyone, child or adult alike. Its simple gameplay only requires you to use one finger, but will make you think in each level. [Download]

Cut the Rope: Magic

Another adorable game for kids is Cut the Rope, in any one of its versions. Cut the Rope: Magic is a game that’s even more eye-catching and attractive than the previous versions, even though it has the same goal: to get the candy to Om Nom no matter what obstacle is in your way. In this version of Cut the Rope, there are all sorts of magic elements that will help you convert Om Nom into animals with special abilities, for example.

Cut the Rope Magic

This game has a hundred different levels that will have you hooked for hours. Plus, it has some fantastic, colorful graphics, animations, and characters. [Download]


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