Although developers may put regional restrictions on their apps, Android actually allows us to install apps via APK without any geographic restrictions. This means it’s possible to access titles that aren’t available in certain countries with the only hurdle being the language. That said, many of these games have a concept that’s simple and intuitive enough to understand, and can still be enjoyed in these situations. Here we have a selection of ten free Android games that are popular in Asia but still haven’t made their way west yet. 

Pol Let’s Go

Rhythm games are all the rage in Asian countries. In Pol Let’s Go, your mission is to help a polar bear cross the screen without getting hurt. To do this, you have to move the obstacles you come across with perfect timing. Get ready for relaxing piano melodies and an underlying activist message. A total delight. [Downoad]

Attack on Titan – Dedicate Your Heart

This isn’t the first title that’s used the license of the manganime Attack on Titan. In this case we’re talking about a game that, though ruled by mobile MMO standards, bases its gameplay on precisely tapping the screen. More than quick time events, we’re talking about a concept similar to Elite Beat Agents. There’s something appealing about following the beat to kill naked giants. [Download]

Flames of Xenocide

It’s not very likely that we’ll see a version of Bayonetta for smartphones, but this just might be the next best thing. F.O.X. is an action game where both the sensuality of the main character (who’s somewhat misunderstood) and the shooting/combo system have a lot in common with the title from Platinum Games. [Download]

PUBG Army Attack

Just as we’ve explained before, Tencent took over the rights to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds to publish games with the permission of Bluehole Studio. Out of this collaboration have emerged two very similar games called Exhilarating Battlefield and Army Attack. The first of the two, developed by the studio Lightspeed, has been chosen for international release on Android. The other, for now, is limited to the Asian market, but you can enjoy it with no limits (although, it hasn’t been translated). [Download]

Life is a Game

If life were a game, it would surely be like this one. Here we have a runner that starts out with your life as a helpless infant, and evolves throughout your life according to the paths you take and the decisions you make. You may find love, a rewarding career, or even find your life cut short dramatically by a terminal illness. And all this in just a few short minutes. A game that’s as thought-provoking as it is grim. [Descargar]

Identity V

The success of Dead by Daylight has inspired various clones that use the dynamic of groups of teenagers who need to cooperate in order to escape from a killer. Identity V takes on this idea to offer a cooperative game where four survivors have to escape from a setting without being captured by the killer (who’s also controlled by a real player). [Download]

Evangelion: Dawn Break

If there’s one thing that always hits the spot, it’s an Evangelion videogame with strokes of fanservice. The well-known work from Gainax has enough characters and variations to make “sense” of this action game where you’ll battle against all sorts of angels, official and fake, while unlocking never-before-seen EVAs resembling Shinji Ikari and his buddies in their journey to avoid (or unleash) the apocalypse. [Download]

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Online is one of the most spectacular MMORPGs for PC. Its arrival on smartphones took place a few months ago, although it seems like there are still no plans to bring it west. However, the game’s servers currently have no type of regional restriction, so we can play it with no problems. What’s more, even though the game is in Korean, there are already patches created by fans that translate the interface to English. [Download]

QQ Speed

While there are plenty of kart racing games on Android, few even reach minimal quality standards. QQ Speed comes ready to prove us wrong with this super fun title that, while not offering anything we haven’t seen before, offers a more than decent online racing game. [Download]

Sausage Man

Time for a different direction…not everything is going to be about bloody battles to the death. Well, actually yes it is. But what if we swap people for SAUSAGES? That’s right. Sausages that shoot, drive vehicles, collect weapons, and kill other packed meats. Yet another way to turn a game with a violent concept into good, clean fun. The game is a success in Asia, and can be found ranked among the most played apps in marketplaces like QooApp. Although it’s in Chinese, that won’t stop you from enjoying this wacky game.  [Download]


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