Just a few years ago, no one could have imagined that a genre synonymous with PC could possibly find so much success on mobile devices. Just take a look at the games from Supercell for proof that any gameplay can be adapted to touchscreens. 2018 has brought us a great selection of strategy games so far. Real-time, turn-based, resource management, or more contemplative than anything, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top strategy games on Android that you can enjoy this year.

mercs of boom featured The top strategy games for Android in 2022

Infinite Lagrange

In this NetEase title, you’ll get the chance to sail through outer space while trying to conquer every inch of different galaxies. As you unlock the best spaceships, you’ll have to shape advanced tactics to approach places unknown until now. By assembling the best pieces and spreading your troops through different planets, in Infinite Lagrange you will prove that you can penetrate any stargate you see during the missions. [Download]

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Fire Mission

Fire Mission is a strategy RPG in which you’ll be transported to a universe that is being ravaged by hundreds of creatures equipped with the latest technology. By creating a group of heroines, you’ll try to assault each rival squadron in order to protect mankind. To do this, you will get many skills that you will gradually unlock and wisely apply to make the most of each battle round. [Download]

Warlings 2: Total Armageddon

Inspired by the classic Worms saga, in Warlings 2: Total Armageddon you’ll lead a team made up of four spherical-shaped soldiers. Your goal will be to define the best strategy for each assault and thus defeat the enemy army. By using different weapons, you’ll use the best arsenal to attack and defeat your rivals. In addition, the title includes a fun mode that uses Bluetooth technology to play games against people nearby. [Download]

Broken Universe: Tower Defense

This strategy game follows the usual mechanics of the tower defense subgenre and will let you explore a very attractive world. Jintree Studio has created a title full of elements to discover in which you’ll have to protect your base by using the best available resources. And it won’t be easy, because in Broken Universe your enemies will throw beastly attacks that you’ll have to counteract if you want to win in each battle. [Download]

Idle Space Business Tycoon

In Idle Space Business Tycoon your mission will be to travel to other galaxies and become an intergalactic tycoon. To do this, you’ll have to invest all your available resources in the best possible way while exploring dozens of planets and creating your own space city. By clicking on the map, you will be able to effectively identify many hidden spaces, in the middle of the stars and nebulae, so to conquer any area that harbors treasures. [Download]

Clash Mini

Supercell continues to exploit the Clash saga. In this case, you will find small-scale versions of the franchise’s most iconic characters. By creating your best warrior army, your goal will be to harm your enemies and protect your base. You will be able to modify your strategies throughout each level and create offensive and defensive tactics that will allow you to try out dozens of different abilities. [Download]

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War

This strategy MMO will fully immerse you in the universe created by J. R. R. Tolkien, where you’ll command a faction made up of characters from The Lord of the Rings. As you conquer territories from this distant land, you’ll be able to build constructions that will expand your potential. Moreover, in the game, you’ll control different squadrons with which you’ll try to resist rival attacks. Bear in mind that choosing the best location to place your troops will be essential when it comes to planning each movement. [Download]

Sky Kindgoms

Castles floating in the sky with fluffy clouds… It’s the perfect way to sweeten up a gameplay that’s overused, yet continues to work perfectly. You know the drill: construct buildings and wait real-time for the construction to finish to eventually, create troops to defend your kingdom from enemies controlled by real players. [Download]

Sky Kingdoms

Brew Town

Nowadays, people aren’t flying hot air balloons or writing a book: they’re making craft beer at home. But since not everyone has a garage where they can leave gallons of barley to ferment, Brew Town tries to give us an alternative with a virtual factory. You can adjust several aspects of the production process, choose the different flavors of your beverages, and even design the label for the bottles. [Download]

Brew Town

Warbands: Bushido

Big words. Any title that simulates a traditional tabletop game deserves some respect. Samurais fighting in turn on hexagonal maps, dice rolling, cards with special abilities, and game board pieces with little soldiers on them. You’ve got to be dead inside not to love this game. [Download]

Warbands Bushido

Cookie Wars

Not everything is going to be a heroic fantasy with burly barbarians and sword fighting. This game is about fighting cookies, which at first may dissuade some players. But of course, then you look at Cookie Run, the previous game from the company that had millions of downloads, and maybe, just MAYBE, you think this game is worth a try. Long story short, you end up playing every day for a month and begin to wonder if you have a problem. [Download]

Cookie Wars

Castle Burn

Once again, looks are deceiving. It’s not just another Clash Royale here; it’s a lot deeper. In fact, we could almost be talking about a traditional RTS along the same lines as icons like Warcraft pre-MMO. The objective is to destroy the rival base, but here you have to create units, collect resources, and unlock superior troops through the typical leveling up. That said, everything is fun-sized with short rounds. The best of both worlds. [Download]

Castle Burn


For those who prefer something closer to management strategy, TerraGenesis could be a great option. Get ready for menus and more menus to control your expansion throughout the solar system. Exploration of inhospitable planets, genetic research, and terraformation of surfaces make up the daily grind in this title for fans of 4X games. In this case, we may only get 3 x’s, but that’s good enough for us. [Download]


Pocket City

It’s hard to take the baroque management strategy to the same scale that made titles like SimCity so famous, but the fact is that Pocket City comes close. Creating a city from the ground up and controlling the balance between industry, commerce, and housing is an art form. Not to mention looking after the electricity and water supply for the inhabitants, and the allowance of certain services. It’s a tiny gem that will have you going to bed later than usual. [Download]

Pocket City

Mercs of Boom

Another hit from 2018 that’s influenced by icons in the genre. After playing for just a few minutes, you’ll realize that the creators love the X-COM saga, which is a great sign in and of itself. Best of all, it has gorgeous graphics and a control system works like a charm on touchscreens. [Download]

Mercs of Boom


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