Design your own craft beer and manage your own brewery in Brew Town

Brew Town is an original strategic management game that lets you establish your very own brewery and design your products down to the very last detail.

The craft beer trend is still in full swing as it has been for a few years now. Establishments that have popped up and dedicated themselves to this type of beer continue to flourish. And of course, this popularity is also reflected in the mobile world in the form of apps and games. A while back, we told you about an app called Untappd, but today we’re here to tell you about a videogame called Brew Town, that puts you in charge of a craft beer brewery. If you thought all strategy games were the same, we’re here to tell you different.

Brew Town

Strategic management games have always been one of those niche genres that we tend to take notice of. It’s understandable that we’ve enjoyed those legendary BullFrog games (Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper etc.). After all, there’s no reason that managing hospitals can’t be a good time, and many games have followed this lead. Brew Town is a worthy successor of these legends, since it knows how to combine the thoroughness of this type of strategy game along with a good dose of humor. 

Brew Town

Brew Town makes it clear from the get go that what we have here is an experience for mobile devices. It’s a game that’s not hard to manage and you’ll find yourself tapping the screen a lot to get the typical goods. Luckily, the setting isn’t simply a tool used to stand out from the crowd – it actually has some interesting elements to make it shine in its own right. Specifically, there’s a great beer editor, where you can design your cans and bottles however you want. This editor is surprisingly complete so you can spend a good while in this part if you like customizing all sorts of details.

Brew Town

If you’ve ever played this type of game before, then you’ll already be familiar with the gameplay. Basically, you’ll be wrapped up in a world where you need to sell beer, construct buildings, improve your beer, and continue selling it. To make your beverages more complete, you’ll have to play some simple minigames where you have to tap the screen at the right moment. It may not be the most innovative game on the block, but at least Brew Town continues adding elements from other games so you won’t find yourself getting bored with it. 

Brew Town

Brew Town is an excellent strategic management game that gives you a slightly different experience from what you’re used to seeing. It’s a little similar to Egg Inc. in terms of visual style, but that’s where the similarities end. It’s a charming title that’s sure to have craft beer lovers hooked, along with anyone who enjoys playing this type of game.

Brew Town for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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