If you have accepted the challenge of SIGMA— the new battle royale from Studio Arm Private— you will have seen that getting money is one of the key points of this free mobile game. There are several ways to earn money easily, quickly, and without paying, so here is everything you need to know about it.

What is SIGMA?

SIGMA is a battle royale for mobile devices, that is, a multiplayer action shooter in an open setting that is getting smaller and smaller. In each game, 50 players face each other, and only one can survive. It has several weapons, vehicles, gestures, and customization options… And all this with a very accessible graphic section that works on almost any mobile device.

Money in SIGMA: how many types are there, and how to get it?

SIGMA is a free-to-play game but features a store, a character upgrade system, and avatar and profile customization options. In short: there are many things to get, and we will need money from the game for most of them. For now, this battle royale only has one currency that can be easily obtained by playing, but it is not surprising that it will receive another premium currency later on.

SIGMA image showing a kind of chest with money

How to get money at SIGMA?

There are several ways to get money in SIGMA, simply by playing. Some are more obvious, such as playing or winning games, but others are a bit more hidden. Here are all the ways to get fast and free money at SIGMA:

  • Play and win games: The most direct way to earn money in SIGMA is by participating in battles and, above all, by winning. The closer we get to first place, the more money we get.
  • Complete daily quests: In the game menu, you can find a section with daily tasks that can be completed to get rewards. Sometimes those rewards involve money, but not always.
  • Check the mail and answer polls: As it is a new game, the developers will launch polls in the main menu mailbox. Check it out to answer them and get rewards. There you will also find event prizes or special gifts from the studio.
  • Maintain good behavior: SIGMA has a behavior meter that goes up or down if other players report you after playing online with them. If you keep the level at 100 for a week, you will receive a reward, usually a good sum of in-game money.

SIGMA image showing a daily chest as a reward for a daily completed mission.

Are there free codes for SIGMA?

In many mobile games, we can find codes that allow us to get money, resources, and other rewards completely free of charge. However, SIGMA does not yet have this way of obtaining prizes— neither in the game’s menu nor on its official website is there a place to redeem free codes. As it is a new project, it may give this possibility in the future, but it is not the case for now.

SIGMA image showing the behavior level score and the reward

Are the cheats to get money in SIGMA recommended?

As often happens, looking for ways to get quick and free money in SIGMA gives results of dubious reliability that invite us to try tricks or mods of the game to obtain resources easily. This type of solution is usually not the most advisable since, if you have to download some kind of file, it may contain malicious data for your device. On the other hand, if you use cheats or take advantage of bugs in the game, you risk being detected by the project managers and banned from the game.