More and more people are playing SIGMA— a fun battle royale that works on all devices. If you also want to get into this popular free mobile game developed by Studio Arm Private, here are some tips to get you off to a good start.

What is SIGMA?

But before the tips, what is SIGMA? It is a battle royale for mobile devices where 50 players face each other in a shrinking open setting. Only one can survive. It offers weapons, vehicles, and customization options, with graphics accessible on any device. It is an addictive and exciting game for action and shooting lovers on mobile devices.

5 tips to win at SIGMA

Now that you know what SIGMA is, here are five keys to get your battle royale experience off to the best possible start. Maybe you already know how to play this genre, but here you will find some differences you need to know.

Get ready before each game

Before leaping into battle, you can select a series of consumable items that will greatly help you when facing enemies. For example, you can use a detector to tell you the approximate location of opponents or a bonfire to regenerate your health and that of your allies. Choose well which consumables you want to carry because they cost money, and you don’t want to waste them.

SIGMA in-game screenshot showing an armed character running through the forest

Fine-tune sensitivity and customize controls

Another fundamental tip for winning games in SIGMA is to stop for a moment and open the options menu to adjust the controls before you start playing wildly. The game offers multiple possibilities for you to adapt from the aiming to how you run. Above all, we recommend modifying the sensitivity to make your shots as accurate as possible.

Pay attention to your surroundings

When you are already playing, remember that as it is a battle royale, you will start without any weapons or equipment. You will have to explore the map in search of loot to help you win the game, so you must pay attention. But be careful. The rest of the SIGMA players will also be looking for weapons and equipment, so it will be in those moments —near the loot boxes— where most people will gather. Be ready.

SIGMA in-game screenshot showing an armed character contemplating the horizon with the sea in the background

Practice in the normal mode before moving to the ranked mode

SIGMA has several game modes; one is much more difficult than the others. Not because the game itself is more difficult but because those who play it are more experienced. Indeed, we are talking about Ranked Mode, a mode in which the result in each game will raise —or lower— the overall score. For this reason, the players you will encounter here will be much more aggressive than in the normal mode, so we recommend that you train before taking the leap.

Level up and get money for upgrades

Although it sounds obvious, the best way to win in SIGMA is to play many games until you understand all its concepts and gameplay well. Also, in this way, you will gain experience, you will level up, and, above all, you will be able to unlock new equipment thanks to the money you will get as you win games.

SIGMA cover image showing three armed characters