If you’re looking for how to get free money in Jobmania Eternal Dungeon— the hit mobile RPG from Aubjective that everyone is talking about— we recommend you start by redeeming the codes that the developers release to give rewards to new and returning players. Do you want to know how to do it? We explain.

What is Jobmania Eternal Dungeon?

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon is a roguelite with turn-based combat in which we can select from a huge variety of heroes with different professions and skills that can be combined with each other. We will have to face enemies, get rewards, improve our character… All in vertical format, making it an even more addictive game if possible.

Active free codes for Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

In Jobmania Eternal Dungeon, there are several types of currency; each focuses on a specific type of exchange— with crystals, gold, Hero Essences, and others, we can get characters, skills, and materials… Everything we need to accelerate the evolution of our character and survive longer in each game. Normally these currencies are obtained by playing, but you can also get them by entering free codes in the main menu.

These are some of the free codes available today at Jobmania Eternal Dungeon:

  • ShaKaCrystal: 2024 crystals
  • SherifElSahly: 3000 crystals
  • LBOIUL512777: Dwarves Berserker and 100.000 Hero Essences
  • LBFLAS54421: Goblin King Glass and 100.000 Hero Essences
  • LBWDSS29981: Rebel Leader Barbarossa and 100.000 Hero Essences
  • LBAKJL923172: The Original Slime Flynn and 100.000 Hero Essences
  • PRWI339271: White Ranger and 1000 crystals
  • PRBLAW0923: Black Ranger and 1000 crystals
  • PRBLSC91293: Blue Ranger and 1000 crystals
  • PRGCS99928: Green Ranger and 1000 crystals
  • PRRUI912374: Red Ranger and 1000 crystals
  • LuckLuckLuck: 1111 crystals
  • WishUGoodLuck: Dagger, Sword, 30.000 gold, and 500 crystals
  • SorrySillyBug: 500 crystals
  • FreeBieBie: 150.000 Hero Essences and 500.000 gold

How to redeem codes in Jobmania Eternal Dungeon?

To redeem codes in Jobmania Eternal Dungeon, just open the game and wait for the main menu to load. Once you are in it, look for the settings menu —the cogwheel icon— which is usually in the top left corner —they may change it in an update, but right now, it’s there. Selecting this icon will open a menu with several options —volume, language, patch notes…— and almost at the end, you will see a space where you can paste the codes to redeem them. The reward will appear immediately and be automatically added to your profile.

Three screenshots showing how to redeem free codes at Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

Other ways to get free money in Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

Suppose you have redeemed all the free Jobmania Eternal Dungeon codes and want to get more money without paying for it. In that case, we recommend that you do the event quests that are organized periodically because, in them, you will be able to get more money and rewards than in the usual games. In addition, you can connect to Jobmania Eternal Dungeon communities on platforms such as Discord or Reddit, which are very active and always try to help those who want to improve and get free rewards.