Jobmania Eternal Dungeon has become one of the most popular turn-based RPGs on mobile devices, so much so that more and more people are getting into Aubjective’s title. If you are one of them, we recommend you take a look at these five basic tips to get started.

What is Jobmania Eternal Dungeon?

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon is a roguelite role-playing game with turn-based combat. We will have to venture into a wide variety of dungeons full of enemies after choosing from many available professions, allowing us to unleash our creativity by combining and using countless skills to face any kind of adversity. In addition, the game is distinguished by its witty sense of humor and its ability to include pop culture references, adding a special and entertaining touch to the experience.

5 basic tips for Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

If you are just starting to play Jobmania Eternal Dungeon, you may need some basic tips because although it is a fairly accessible game, knowing how it works before you start is good. Here are five keys that will help you in your first games:

Do the tutorial (and pay attention to it)

It may sound a bit basic, but it’s surprising how many people skip game tutorials or don’t notice them because they are boring. Although it may be so, in Jobmania Eternal Dungeon, you must follow the tutorial steps because its combat systems, skills, professions, and customization are not similar to those of other games you may have played.

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon in-game screenshot

Look for a good combination of skills

One of Jobmania Eternal Dungeon’s best tips is to understand from the beginning how the game’s skill system works— virtually every hero can have any set of skills, but there are actually some that fit better with one character than with others. You have to consider each hero’s characteristics before choosing one skill or another.

Start using a character with a lot of life

The best way to learn how to play Jobmania Eternal Dungeon is to play many games, which means dying a lot. Sometimes that can be frustrating and even cause you to fail to learn key gameplay. That is why we recommend that at the beginning, you focus on improving your character’s life, which you can achieve with jobs such as Demon Possessor— one of the most recommended.

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon in-game screenshot

Redeem free codes for Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

Although it is a free game, the truth is that it includes purchases and a gachapon to unlock characters. You can get coins by playing, but the developer has also implemented a code system to speed up the process— you will have to be aware of the active Jobmania Eternal Dungeon codes and enter them in the main menu, so you can get coins fast.

Participate in events and be active in the community

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon is a very deep game with a lot of possibilities, so for every question you ask, there are many possible answers— the community of players is very active nowadays, especially in its official Discord server, so any doubt you have will be solved in the best possible way. In addition, we recommend that you participate in temporary events to obtain better rewards that will allow you to continue growing in the game.

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon in-game screenshot