Rush Royale is one of the video games of the moment. This video game combines tower defense with strategy and online gameplay to offer one of the most fun and addictive experiences in today’s mobile market.

However, the number of options to build our decks and the strategies we can adopt in the games can make the first hours a bit hard for beginner players. Therefore, to facilitate entry into this video game, today we bring you 5 essential tips to start on the right foot and triumph in Rush Royale.

5 tips to dominate in Rush Royale

1. At the beginning, use a lot of damage

The beginning of a game may be no big deal. Our units can finish off most enemies in just a few hits, and, normally, in these stages, we focus more on getting the units we need to develop our strategy. But be careful, as it is an important part of the game.

The number of monsters we have in our field depends on how fast the opponent kills them —and vice versa—so starting off on the right foot is important. For this, the best advice is that in these early stages, we should not fuse units but try to have a lot of them and, if possible, that they do damage.

Three Rush Royale in-game screenshots

In this way, we will gradually put pressure on our opponent and give us time to build our strategy more comfortably without constantly being trapped.

2. Create a deck with a strategy

It is useless to have the best units in the game and level them up if we do not consider what strategy we want to follow when creating the deck. Rush Royale has dozens of units and hundreds of strategies and combinations we can use. But we have to use one.

Create your deck carefully. Consider the type of card and its synergies with the other cards in your deck, and take the time to develop a strategy. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work the first time. You can always modify it, change it completely or copy the one of one of your rivals. But be aware that you need a strategy.

If you need some ideas suitable for beginners, you can always go to the post in which we tell you what one of the best combos and decks for beginners in Rush Royale is.

3. Follow a strategy in the game and act accordingly

Once you enter the game, the random factor plays a very important role. You may not get the units you want in the slots you want. Or maybe even a boss will derail your strategy. Do not panic, and minimize the damage this may cause. Follow a strategy from beginning to end.

Two Rush Royale in-game screenshots

And this is very important; act accordingly. Level up by prioritizing the units that have the greatest effect on monsters. It does not matter if they are direct damage or decrease cards. Analyze the games, find out which units have been most effective, and prioritize upgrading them in subsequent games.

4. Beware of merging level 2 units

The units you fuse gain certain abilities and increase their effect. But be very careful about starting to fuse level cards to get your level 3 units too quickly. Note that level 3 units lose effectiveness (i.e., two level 2 units are more effective than one level 3 unit).

Merge these level 2 units only when you have no more space on the board to keep buying units (as long as you see that your opponent can keep up with you; otherwise, focus on leveling up the units to finish them off) or when you are in advanced stages of the game. Before the third wave of monsters arrives, don’t even think about it.

5. Visit the store and complete missions daily

There is no better way to progress in Rush Royale than with new cards and items. And the best way to get them for free is by visiting the in-game store every day and completing daily and event missions. Take advantage of these opportunities and, with 10 minutes a day, you can collect many objects that will be very useful to you.

Rush Royale image showing a big treasure

Upgrade your cards, improve your hero, unlock new chests, and get more gold, thanks to this simple and easy trick that you can’t forget.