Do you want to get fast and free money at Vice Online? Jarvi Games‘ multiplayer sandbox gives us several options to earn in-game currency without paying for it and without the need for cheats! Here we explain some of today’s ways to get quick money simply by playing.

What is Vice Online?

Vice Online is a new open-world multiplayer action game. We have a customizable character with whom we can explore the city freely, either on foot, driving, or flying planes. We will have to perform missions, complete challenges, carry out all kinds of jobs, and have fun with other people from around the world, either with friends or strangers.

Money in Vice Online: how many types are there and how to get it?

In Vice Online, there are two types of currencies: the bills —Vice Bucks— are the general currency of the game, and it is the one that we obtain more easily just by playing, completing missions, challenges, and so on; on the other hand, there are the gold bars, which are the premium currency that we get by paying real money or as a very special reward. The latter is the most difficult to obtain for free.

Vice Online in-game screenshot showing a character between two cars that look like they are about to start a race

How to get money in Vice Online?

Money is a fundamental part of Vice Online since it allows us to get new vehicles, elements to customize them, weapons, and complements for our character. Therefore, earning money is the main objective of this multiplayer, so here are some tips to get it quickly and easily:

  • Complete daily missions: In the Vice Online menu, you will see a series of daily tasks that, when completed, will reward you with a good sum of money. The more missions you do, the better the prizes.
  • Complete challenges and quests: Besides daily challenges, the game’s main quests will also reward you with money. Don’t forget to complete them!
  • Kill other players: When you meet other players, you can kill them to get money. If you are killed, you will pay for the hospital costs.
  • Watch ads in the store: You can see a section of free items in the in-game store. These are obtained by watching advertisements. The better the object, the more ads you will have to watch.

Vice Online in-game screenshot showing a character jumping in front of a red car

Are the cheats to get money in Vice Online recommended?

As often happens, looking for ways to get quick and free money in Vice Online gives results of dubious reliability that invite us to try tricks or mods of the game to obtain resources easily. This type of solution is usually not the most advisable since, if you have to download some kind of file, it may contain malicious data for your device. On the other hand, if you use cheats or take advantage of bugs in the game, you risk being detected by the project managers and banned from the game.