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Contrary to the old saying, no one was born ready, so we aim to provide step-by-step tutorials on doing specific tasks on your PC or smartphone. Whether you need to learn in-depth how to use your operating system or take full advantage of the capabilities of the programs you use, we offer user guides for both day-to-day and professional activities.

How to make APK backup copies of your Android apps

Thanks to App Backup & Restore program you can make backup copies of all the apps you have installed on your device in APK format.

Keyloggers: A dangerous activity monitoring software

Activity monitoring software is currently one of the most active markets. There are literally dozens of applications designed to control activity from any device,...

How to deactivate your social network accounts

How to temporarily deactivate your social network accounts when you need to take a break. You can always reactivate and pick up where you left off, without losing any of your data.

How to turn your old netbook into a living room media...

Turn your old netbook into an economical media center with Kodi.

How to permanently delete your Facebook account

Here we'll explain how to deactivate or permanently delete your Facebook account, as well as how to backup all of your published information.

How to get back the chronological timeline on Twitter

Twitter is gong to let us see our Tweets in chronological order, without recommendations based on their algorithm. We explain how to enable this option.

How to use Maps Go, the new ‘Lite’ version of Google...

Learn how to use Maps Go, the new lite version of Google Maps designed for low end devices.

How to change the background of your WhatsApp conversations

WhatsApp offers an option that lets you easily change the wallpaper for your all your chats in the messaging client.

How safe are your messages? WhatsApp adds end-to-end encryption

WhatsApp recently added a new end-to-end encryption system that makes your chats safer so third parties can't read or listen to them.

How to activate the Restricted Mode on YouTube

The new YouTube Restricted Mode automatically hides videos rated as unsuitable by users themselves.