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Contrary to the old saying, no one was born ready, so we aim to provide step-by-step tutorials on doing specific tasks on your PC or smartphone. Whether you need to learn in-depth how to use your operating system or take full advantage of the capabilities of the programs you use, we offer user guides for both day-to-day and professional activities.

How to use the Microsoft remote desktop

Microsoft has its own remote desktop application for Android to connect to your Windows computer.

Hide everything football-related when you browse the web

Tools and tips to hide any football-related content in social networks and websites.

How to connect an Xbox or PS4 Bluetooth controller to an...

Nowadays, a lot of Android games can be played on your smartphone or tablet using Xbox One or PS4 controllers.

How to easily transfer images from your smartphone to your PC

Thanks to Photos Companion, a new app from Microsoft, you can easily transfer images from your smartphone to your PC in just a few seconds.

How to virtualize Ubuntu 14.04 on Windows using VirtualBox

In this tutorial we explain step by step how to configure VirtualBox for any virtualized version of Ubuntu 14.04 on Windows.

How to sell a product on Wallapop

How to to post products to sell on Wallapop, a process so quick and intuitive that it can be done in less than five minutes.

How to block spam calls on your smartphone

Here's how you can block spam calls from your smartphone or identify who's calling you before answering the phone.

Apps for planning your vacation

There are two types of travelers: The adventurous, who almost choose their destination at random without knowing what to visit, and those who are...

How to install Android apps without using Google Play

Sometimes you need to install an app which is not on Google Play, to be able to use other alternatives like the Uptodown installer wizard we explain here how to install APK-extension apps

Best free hiking apps for beginners plus tips and tricks

We’ve compiled some hiking tips and trick for beginners along with the best free apps.