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Contrary to the old saying, no one was born ready, so we aim to provide step-by-step tutorials on doing specific tasks on your PC or smartphone. Whether you need to learn in-depth how to use your operating system or take full advantage of the capabilities of the programs you use, we offer user guides for both day-to-day and professional activities.

How to apply a “Game Boy effect” to your photos using...

Tutorial to apply effects similar to Game Boy console style to your images using Gimp suite.

Customize your phone’s lock screen in case of loss or theft

The latest update of Android Device Manager lets you customize your lock screen displaying a button to call the owner, a phrase, or a password to unlock the device.

How to unblock your banned Pokémon GO account

Niantic Labs recently published a banned account appeal form where users whose Pokemon GO accounts were banned due to cheating can recover them by applying. More information on our blog.

How to extend update support for Windows XP to 2019

GHacks.net discovered a trick to extend update support to 2019

How to uninstall an antivirus from your computer without dying in...

Uninstall an antivirus can be highly tricky, we present you several options to make this process easier.

Create portable versions of any program with Cameyo

A free program to easily create portable versions of any program in Windows.

How to use Netease Cloud Music, a Chinese Spotify for Android

Netease is a free music-streaming service with a huge songs catalogue that can even be locally downloaded.

Two-step verification 101: What it is and how to activate it

Two-step verification is an extra layer of protection to safeguard your accounts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Steam, and more. Here we explain how it works.

How to create your own infographics easily

We’ve all read an article or study that has so much information that you’re easily lost by the second paragraph because you aren’t able...

How to hide spoilers for your favorite shows on Twitter

The premiere of the latest season of the hottest show on TV has reignited our terror of spoilers, but we have a solution (on Twitter at least) right here.