The latest WhatsApp update has, like its predecessors, added a set of hidden functions that can be activated using an external app. In this case, the good people behind @WABetaInfo have uncovered an interesting feature in the newest version: the option to play a YouTube video in a window straight from the chat tab without having to open the YouTube app.

The behemoth that is Google is always looking for new ways to make using an Android better and rolling out new apps to help do it. Triangle: More Mobile Data is one of the latest such tools and lets you keep a handle on your mobile data usage and even set limits on how many megas you can use. The app has just soft-launched in the Philippines, but we’ve got it for you here to download and install from Uptodown with no geographic restrictions.

Football serves as a mere pretext for one of the loonier games released on Android: FootRock 2 a first-person arcade game designed by one of the creepiest evil geniuses on Earth. Here, you’ll overcome all kinds of obstacles to make it to the final touchdown.

On Sunday, July 16, one of the greatest TV hits of all time is coming back to televisions in the United States with the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones. Lots of people are counting down the hours till they’re reunited with the Starks, the Lannisters, the Targaryens, and other legends from the fantasy series that adapts the novels of George R. R. Martin. As we’re quite excited ourselves about this new season, we’ve put together a set of Game of Thrones apps to help us get prepared.

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People who spend the day under a bike helmet or with their speakers blaring at top volume invariably love Spotify, one of the best music streaming programs to be found. Besides letting you delve through the depths of its vast music catalogue, Spotify usually offers end-of-year usage stats for each user. Though we’re only halfway through 2017 we’ve been surprised with various details on our music consumption habits brought together in the website

Games often look to the past for inspiration and they’re sure to carry on doing so for a long time. It makes sense when you think of how young the medium still is. New titles that put clever spins on retro gameplays are  always a nice surprise, particularly when they’re done by companies of the caliber of Nitrome. These proper specialists in the world of smartphone gaming have just come out with a new gem: Drop Wizard Tower is an arcade game that draws from classic hits like Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros.

It’s quite clear that it’ll be a teensy bit less than impossible for Pokémon GO to recover the same number of active players it had last summer. Still, the latest update for its first birthday has brought a set of new features that increase its appeal, whether it’s the new system of gyms, raids against powerful creatures, or the various local events set to take place in cities around the world.

If there’s one genre in the world of gaming as old a the medium itself, it’s dialog tree games. These interactive stories have greatly evolved since the legendary 1977 Adventure (around here we like to call it the Original Adventure), but the genre tropes are essentially the same as ever: you dive into an immersive experience through the text where your decisions are key in how the adventure plays out. Although in part this gameplay developed because of the technological limits of that period, lots of developers have been very clever about bringing them back on Android but with tweaks made to the format in surprising ways. Hence why today we’ve decided to pick the best free text adventures for mobile devices.

We’re smack in the middle of 2017, and by now basically everybody we know has dipped a toe in the waters of video editing. Whether it’s to make photo slideshows or put together something more elaborate, the fact that there’s a ton of different programs for both PC and Android devices has led to a pretty thorough democratization of a medium that used to be out of reach for many users. All that said, things can still get heavy when it comes to learning to edit video, though luckily there are apps like Magisto: Magical Video Editor to let users of all levels create attractive videos.

Classic 4X strategy “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate” has always kept close ties as a genre to desktop PCs. Until now its mellowed down pace allowed sessions to drag on for hours. A leisurely endeavour marked by the odd 3AM dinner, players daydreamed about planetary commercial values which served as the hallmark for games that require a level of commitment rarely upheld by today’s players. Surprisingly, French Studio Tuesday Quest has rendered this same experience, compressing its baroque format onto Android successfully bringing 4X to life within the mobile realm. A Planet of Mine is so well adapted, in fact, it’s time we take a look at why.