Fidget spinners, or just “spinners,” are the latest toy craze that’s popping up between everyone’s fingers. Something like spinning tops, these gadgets supposedly help reduce stress and definitely provide a good stint of entertainment. If for some reason the mania hasn’t hit your school or office yet and you haven’t got hold of a physical gadget, you can get a virtual spinner on your Android device today.

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The appearance of IM apps has rocked how we communicate. Whether you use WhatsApp, Telegram, or another of their many variants, chatting is easier than ever thanks to the immediacy and cost of sending each message – that is, exactly $0.00. This has turned the SMS – formerly king of the mobile realm – into an essentially residual service. Oddly, though, they remain important due to the growing number of services that use them to send info or two-step verification codes. Since it looks like the SMS as a medium isn’t going anywhere, we’ve done you a favor and picked the best free SMS apps for Android to replace the default one on your phone.

Though several solutions have come out, the WannaCry ransomware that recently infected computers worldwide continues to wreak havoc. If you haven’t updated to the latest version of Windows 10 and have no real-time firewall you’re still in danger of infection. The free tool Wanakiwi is one of the few solutions that can recover your encrypted files, though the conditions to do so are a bit restrictive.

The IM app Telegram continues in its long slog to become the most used app in its market. It’s got a heckuva long way to go still, but don’t mistake challenge for impossibility, especially considering how it upgrades its services with each new update. We’re up to version 4.0 now – “the mother of all Telegram updates” according to Telegram itself. And with good reason: it’s gotten several new features like payment via bots, video messages, and much more.

The SNK studio and Neo Geo will forever be associated with The King of Fighters, that annual saga where characters from the biggest fighting games would face off. While these days SNK Playmore has little to do with the its old self from the 90s, they still keep wringing profit out of their old glories in random ways. Their latest – at least in the West – is The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Online, a sort of RPG with turn-based fighting where you face a huge roster from one of the best editions of the saga.

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The sequel to the game with one of the most original plots you can find is now free. Knights of Pen and Paper 2 was released two years ago on Android and it’s recently become free to all players. This change has given the game new life – enjoy it today with us here at Uptodown.

The popularity of Overwatch seems neverending. And with good reason: we’re talking about one of the best titles out there on most gaming platforms. This hit from Blizzard has a cast of characters as personable as they are memorable and is one of the most played titles with one of the most active user communities. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of free Android apps that serve as the perfect complements to Overwatch.

Google’s Android Device Manager service is one of the most useful tools for finding your device in case of loss or theft. While it was definitely efficient, its interface seemed very elaborate given the small number of tasks it actually carried out. They’ve finally done something about this problem and have just released a revamped version of the service that has even gotten a change of name: now the app is called Find My Device.

Till now, only YouTube accounts that had more than 1,000 subscribers could broadcast live videos. Plus, this number increased to 10,000 along if you were monetizing your channel. Luckily, they’ve backed down on that and from now on any user can do live broadcasts with no restrictions on the number of followers.

An “unreleased” release on Android refers to a gamed that’s been soft-launched to see how well it does in a specific geographic area. Sort of like a public beta to let developers polish their product before its official international release. Ever more games are getting anchored in this stage, and can be downloaded and played legally with no geographical or functional restrictions. Here are 10 Android games that still haven’t been officially released at the international level but can be downloaded from Uptodown today.