The developers at Clash Royale never fail us in our monthly date with the card balance – always a much-anticipated moment for us players as it usually brings important changes to the game. Lots of cards start disappearing from people’s decks when their forces wane, while the opposite happens with cards picked to get a power-up. On this occasion the days may be numbered for some of the most popular cards in gamers’ decks.

Tower defense is probably ones of the most hackneyed and unimaginative genres in existence. In fairness, though, that’s not the fault of the genre itself but rather the enormous list of titles in this category that do little else besides follow the trite outlines of genre motifs. Still, occasionally a small ray of sunshine bursts forth to illuminate this dull landscape where innovation is usually conspicuous for its absence. Skull Towers puts a twist on the genre and drops you onto the front lines of battle, bow in hand.

Instagram is still sticking it to Snapchat and its latest update does a better job than ever of integrating interpersonal communication through Instagram Direct. The new version of the app now combines disappearing posts with private conversations in your inbox – which is exactly what made Snapchat famous and has now been seamlessly incorporated into the picture app owned by Facebook. Disappearing chats based on small videos and pics are now a reality on Instagram.

The years go by but some things stay the same: foobar2000 remains as relevant as ever. This user favorite among music players for Windows has also got an Android version that has nothing to envy the original software. This music player stands out for its sound quality and old-school look.

How often do you find yourself looking at your phone more than you want to be because of all the pings and buzzes of constant notifications? Silencing your phone entirely isn’t always an option and there’s no way to tell if it that ding is for an important message or just your best mate sending you a poop emoji again. With this need in mind Converbration was born as an app to indicate the importance of your various messages through smart vibrations.

One of the few areas where Google can’t seem to get its ducks in a row is instant messaging. There currently appears to be an enormous mess among the trio of services Hangouts, Allo, and Duo, with users left wondering what role is being played by each. We’re going to try to shed some light on the subject by explaining the current situation of each app and what it does.

The trading card game set in The Elder Scrolls universe has finally appeared on Android after debuting on both Windows and iOS devices (the Mac OS one is on the way). In practical terms, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is simply the umpteenth clone of Hearthstone in terms of its game system and interface, but not by a long shot does that means it’s not great. In fact such a popular formula in such an evocative setting has all the credentials needed for this game to really take off among TCG fans.

The new Twitter Lite came out a few days ago as a new web client for the popular social network designed to consume less data than the standard version when used on mobile devices. The sole problem with it is that doesn’t send push notifications in real time unless you leave your browser running in the background. Still, there are lots of ways to take advantage of this new service, including turning it into an independent app.

It’s interesting days for lifelong Transfans. Though rather battered from their manhandling by Hollywood moviemakers, the Transformers have never really gone out of style. In fact, their presence is a constant in the gaming world, as borne out yet again by this Transformers: Forged to Fight, an action and strategy game along the same lines as the hit Marvel: Contest of Champions, also from the studio Kabam. Still, don’t be fooled by the screenshots, as there’s much more to this game than meets the eye.

The gameplay in your average clicker appears to be loved and hated in equal measure. The extreme simplicity that’s the standard of tons of games in this genre spells absolute boredom for some people and extreme addiction for others. Love it or hate it, though, you’ll probably still have fun playing a bit of Demon Princess Mariea new clicker where you face hordes upon hordes of enemies and enjoy some more-than-noteworthy graphics.

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