There is no doubt that, since its release, Call of Duty: Mobile has been one of the most successful games for mobile devices. The adaptation of the legendary shooter saga to mobile devices has been one of Activision’s most profitable moves in recent years, and even today, this title still has millions of active players around the world.

However, during the last few months, several rumors have emerged pointing to the end of Call of Duty: Mobile would be near. Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision —or, for the time being, attempt at it—, the release of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, and other factors have concerned the broad community of this game. But is there real cause for concern? The following is a review of the situation.

Could Call of Duty: Mobile soon disappear?

Call of Duty promo image showing an armed character and a rocket in the background

Microsoft’s statements leave little room for doubt— the US company’s intention is exactly that, to leave behind Call of Duty: Mobile. However, the situation is not as simple as this, as Microsoft’s purchase of Activision is currently stalled, and therefore Microsoft’s intentions have little to do with reality.

For its part, Activision has shown full support for what is one of its flagship products. “We are committed to Call of Duty: Mobile as an important part of the entire Call of Duty franchise and our overall mobile strategy,” Activision said. “We intend to continue to support the game over the long term.”

With this on the table, fans of Call of Duty: Mobile can rest easy for the time being. While Microsoft and Activision’s plans for this game are radically different, Microsoft’s purchase is currently stalled, and it does not appear that their plans will be executed in the short term.

What will happen when Warzone Mobile is released?

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Again, here we find a division of opinion between Activision and Microsoft. While Microsoft plans to devote all possible resources to Warzone Mobile, leaving behind Call of Duty: Mobile, the ideas on the table at Activision are radically opposite.

Activision intends to keep both projects alive simultaneously, just as it does on PC and consoles with Warzone and the different Call of Duty installments released yearly. Thus, it seems that, at least during the early stages of Warzone Mobile’s life, it will complement Call of Duty: Mobile, and it is even expected that there will be some kind of cross-progress and interaction between the two titles.

What is the future of Call of Duty: Mobile?

Although in the long term, the future of this video game is uncertain —largely due to Microsoft’s purchase of Activision and their differences in plans—the truth is that there is nothing to worry about in the short and medium term. Call of Duty: Mobile has confirmed that it will continue to have new seasons bringing the usual content— maps, game modes, events, weapons, and more.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile promo image showing a character crossing arms on a cell phone screen.

For now, we will have to wait, and we can only guess in the long term. We recall that the acquisition of Activision is temporarily blocked by a U.S. judge. For its part, however, the European Union has given green-light to the operation.