Although our main objective is to offer users the most extensive and accessible catalog of multiplatform apps, we are also committed to a business model focused on our employees’ well-being and professional development. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we have received the Great Place to Work 2023-2024 certification in Spain.

The opinion of our employees

This recognition demonstrates our commitment to being a trusted organization capable of attracting and retaining talent, aligning business objectives with those of our various teams, and supporting a strong corporate culture that fosters a good working environment. The certification process included an internal questionnaire of which the results speak for themselves— 100% of employees think Uptodown is a great place to work. In addition, other interesting parameters emerge from the report:

  • 100% of employees say they are treated well, regardless of their position in the company.
  • 97% of workers say they can be themselves in the workplace.
  • 100% of the employees say they felt welcome when joining the company.

gptw ln Uptodown obtains Great Place to Work certification

Benefits of working at Uptodown

Based on the need to make the well-being of Uptodown employees our top priority, we provide all kinds of resources to enable them to make the most of their skills. To this end, we implement a flexible working day with the possibility of working remotely without any restriction and providing them with all the material necessary to perform their tasks. We also offer recurrent training for each employee’s interests and potential career.

In the words of Luis Hernández, CEO and co-founder of Uptodown: “We want all our team members to feel that they are part of the project and that they are a fundamental part of the machinery. Anyone can have the initiative to promote changes and improvements, and for that, we use many tools that are integrated into our work methodology“.

All this revolves around the idea that, no matter how much a company grows and adapts to the needs of its size, we must never forget the close relationship, respect, and trust that a well-integrated team can promote.

About Uptodown

Uptodown is a cross-platform app store specialized in Android, used by 130 million monthly users. With over twenty years behind, it offers a vast catalog of apps that users can download for free without registration. In addition, any developer can publish their software on Uptodown at no cost and make it known to a global audience through the largest alternative marketplace.


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