Honkai: Star Rail has become a success since its release. The new turn-based role-playing game from HoYoverse —creators of Genshin Impact— is delighting fans and anyone who comes to their proposal. However, it still has a long journey ahead in which it will receive improvements through new updates. That is why we would like to propose some changes that would be great for the project.

What is Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail is a new RPG of space fantasy from HoYoverse that takes you on an exciting journey through the Astral Express. You will explore unique worlds and discover surprises at every stop along the journey as you meet new companions and uncover secrets hidden in the galaxy. It offers an immersive experience with high-quality cinematics, authentic facial expressions, captivating music, and tactical and strategic combat.

5 changes we want to see in Honkai: Star Rail

After having been able to enjoy Honkai: Star Rail in the time after its release, we are going to talk about the changes and new features we would like to see applied in the following free updates of the HoYoverse game:

Improve the relic system

The relic system of Honkai: Star Rail is one of the key points of the game, so we would like to see specific improvements implemented in upcoming updates. Above all, we ask to reduce relic farming because sometimes it can become a bit boring, but there are also other changes that we would like to see, such as the possibility of creating preset sets that we can quickly change to favor some stats or others.

Honkai: Star Rail in-game screenshot showing a fight between two characters.

Improvements to gain experience at higher levels

Once we exceed level 60 in Honkai: Star Rail, we find it difficult to keep getting experience. The raids at these levels become very repetitive because we have to make many attacks to get the right items for our level. We believe it would be very useful to have specific fights and missions for players who have already reached the highest levels so that we can continue to enjoy the game.

Honkai: Star Rail in-game screenshot showing a female character running away.

Controller compatibility

Another change we would like to see in Honkai: Star Rail has to do with its control system. Currently, it is only possible to play with the touch screen, a fairly well-configured and designed control, but it does not suit those who prefer to play with a controller. In the future HoYoverse will surely introduce compatibility with other peripherals, so we ask that this option arrives as soon as possible.

Honkai: Star Rail in-game screenshot showing a character contemplating how a building is being destroyed.

Being able to cancel the ultis

Many players have complained that it is impossible to cancel the characters’ most powerful attack once it has been launched during combat. Sometimes we may inadvertently tap the button that activates a certain skill, and there is no turning back, wasting a mighty move. From here, we ask for an option to cancel attacks during combat, especially to use it when we launch ultis without realizing it.

Honkai: Star Rail in-game screenshot showing four characters.

Personal room or space

This is not the first time HoYoverse has updated its games to implement new gameplay for creating and customizing a personal space for the protagonists. In Honkai: Star Rail, there is no place yet where our characters can relax, but we would love to have some kind of room in the base to decorating with objects we find in our adventure.