Even your granny probably uses YouTube these days. Whether we’re listening to the latest pop earworm, viewing today’s viral video meme, or enjoying gameplays from Android titles (wink wink), there’s no question that the daily use of YouTube is unseating traditional ways of consuming media. Hence why it’s so nice to find alternatives on Android that run as smoothly as NewPipe, an app that surprises with how many unique features it squeezes into a small package.

We wouldn’t exactly call the new WhatsApp Statuses a success story. The new disappearing content feature hasn’t taken off among users – certainly not considering that the cost was a wholesale swap-out of the original status phrases. That’s why a week ago they started bringing back the old statuses in the beta version and now they’re rolling back out for all users.

If there’s one meme that’s endured the test of time it’s the universally hated Troll Face. It tends to show up whenever anybody’s getting trolled and its origins extend back to the end of the Noughties when tons of webcomics used Troll Face in endless posts. Today it’s become the insignia of sites like 4chan, Reddit, and 9GAG. Its success has been pretty stunning, extending to all sorts of merchandise, videos, and games. And games are exactly what we’re blogging about today – in particular the Android saga Troll Face Quest, a series of themed puzzles where the art of trolling is law.

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The security firm Checkpoint revealed on Thursday that it had found a serious vulnerability on the WhatsApp Web client that could allow an attacker to gain full access to contacts, chats, and shared docs using a malicious code hidden in what seemed to be an innocent photo sent over chat. This problem was exclusive to the web version, which requires a QR code sent from the smartphone app to run on any browser.

One of the most appealing aesthetic upgrades to Android 7 Nougat is the so-called Pill Widget that swaps out the Google search bar for a small and elegant pullout icon at the top left of your screen. Though custom launchers like Nova already include it, you may want to use it while keeping the original customization layer on your phone. Luckily there’s a free widget called the Pixel Pill Widget that lets you do exactly that.

According to Google, Lost in Harmony was one of the 10 best Android games of 2016. What seems like a music game with some bits of endless runner thrown in is in fact a fantastic title with gorgeous graphics, a terrific soundtrack, and a raw, cancer-related backstory that contrasts with the dynamism and vivacity of its protagonists.

You may not have ever tried it before, but using certain gestures as phone shortcuts could well be an interesting way to smooth out its daily use. By default Motorola devices already have their own Moto Action system, and now the Gravity Gestures app lets you use functions like this on any device running Android 4.1 or higher.

Dashy Crashy has been wearing out gamers’ thumbs on iOS devices for over a year now while we Android users could do nothing but look on and sigh. Luckily, the wait is over and we can finally enjoy one of the best endless runners available for smartphones. In this title full of speed and zany crashes your side-swipe skills will prove key in determining how long you make it in one piece. (Hint: probably not long.)

The sticker bandwagon was already overflowing and now there’s a new app on board to help you find and share new stickers: GIPHY Stickers is the GIPHY factory’s latest, boasting beaucoups of animated stickers to share on any social network you want. Plus if you can’t find anything you like, you can always make your own in a quick and easy way.

One would think the news that Facebook Messenger is also adding disappearing posts would leave everybody openmouthed, but by now I think we’re all inured to seeing this feature – a signature innovation of Snapchat – on a ton of apps. Now to wait and see what value it adds when it comes to Messenger.