It’s interesting days for lifelong Transfans. Though rather battered from their manhandling by Hollywood moviemakers, the Transformers have never really gone out of style. In fact, their presence is a constant in the gaming world, as borne out yet again by this Transformers: Forged to Fight, an action and strategy game along the same lines as the hit Marvel: Contest of Champions, also from the studio Kabam. Still, don’t be fooled by the screenshots, as there’s much more to this game than meets the eye.

The gameplay in your average clicker appears to be loved and hated in equal measure. The extreme simplicity that’s the standard of tons of games in this genre spells absolute boredom for some people and extreme addiction for others. Love it or hate it, though, you’ll probably still have fun playing a bit of Demon Princess Mariea new clicker where you face hordes upon hordes of enemies and enjoy some more-than-noteworthy graphics.

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Ask which are the most popular launchers for Android and Nova Launcher is probably one of the names you’re most likely to hear. But there are alternatives out there whose big user base attests to their great performance – and Evie Launcher is one of them. This option has proved the best at winning fans thanks to its refined style plus its lean weight and speedy performance.

Fallout Shelter was a terrific release from Bethesda that brought the famed post-apocalyptic universe to Android by converting the RPG saga into a fantastic strategy and management game that’s recently even made the jump to PC. On the coattails of this hit, the Russians at have developed Hustle Castlean odd clone that shamelessly copies the Fallout Shelter gameplay but uses a medieval fantasy setting with a lot of parody thrown into the mix. In fact, they’ve used the distinctive look of animated shows from MacFarlane Productions like Family Guy. But the most important question is: Does this hodgepodge of references actually work? Amazingly, it does!

Learning languages is one of those permanent New Year’s Resolutions that often falls to the wayside due to lack of free time. Plus it can get monotonous to grind away at vocab and verb conjugations all on your lonesome. Luckily, though, there are apps like Lingbe to help you learn and brush up on your foreign language skills anytime, anywhere by talking on the phone.

We’ve seen all sorts of settings and fantasy worlds in the various titles that populate our Android gaming catalogue: modern warfare, distant futures, alternative realities… We could spend all day listing the subworlds we’ve explored in this genre, but we’d hazard a guess that not one is more popular than the medieval fantasy setting. Swords, dragons, and all the fantasy tropes that come with the package are ubiquitous. But there’s always room for surprise, and that’s just what we’ve found in Siege of Throneswhich is openly based – with a slight gleam of parody – on one of the most popular shows now playing on TV: Game of Thrones.

The cool thing about live videocasting apps like Periscope is that they offer what’s generally very free and improvised content in real time. These live videos are often unrepeatable and often I’m left kicking myself afterward for not saving them. Now that’s both possible and easy thanks to Snagscopea free Android tool to download all the live videocasts you fancy.

Thinking about Final Fantasy sends us straight into a multiverse of fantasy, steampunk, and impossible hairdos where you have to become the heroes of the day and save the world, no matter which of the many installments in the RPG saga you’re playing. Hence why it’s a bit surprising to find a game like Final Fantasy XV: A New Empirea strategy title where you have to manage your own kingdom.

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Up to this point sharing contacts on WhatsApp had to be done one contact at a time, which could be annoying if you wanted to share a whole group of contact details. Not something we’ve had to do a lot, but when we did it was a serious pain. Luckily the messaging app has decided to fix this with a new update that lets you send multiple contacts at the same time.

Games based on the world of medicine have usually taken Theme Hospital as their point of reference, but with a humorous approach. The tension – and gravitas – popularized by shows like ER, Grey’s Anatomy, etc., only made it to the gaming world when the Trauma Center saga appeared on Nintendo DS. That concept based on doing operations under the pressure of a countdown now comes to Android with Operate Now: Hospital, a free smartphone game that you’ve definitely gotta check out.

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