One of the most prolific mobile game developers is the Japanese studio Kairosoft. It jumped to fame a few years ago with the unmissable Game Dev Story, and has continued to make games along the same lines, but with 1,001 tweaks to the subject matter. Now they’re back, this time in the world of cars with Grand Prix Story 2, a free game where you’ve got to get as high up in the world of racing as you can with your own team.

Peggo – YouTube to MP3 Converter is one of the most practical apps you can find (and one of our top downloads on Uptodown). It lets you locally download the audio from any YouTube or Soundcloud video. Just insert the URL to your selected video to extract and convert the audio to MP3 format so you can listen to it any time. Here’s a quick how-to.

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When we’re talking about the impact of indie games in the gaming market, a few names come to mind. Though everybody’s got a lot of feelings about what should be on the list, there’s one game that probably makes it onto most people’s. Spelunky might be one of the best games of recent years, and it’s influence has trickled down to games of all kinds. That said, it was originally exclusive to PC and we’ve never been able to enjoy it on mobile devices … until now. Spelunky Classic HD is a port of the original Spelunky that brings the same challenging experience to Android devices.

The appearance of Instagram Stories has massively shaken the world of social networks. One app in particular has suffered severe damage: Snapchat has been bleeding users every single day that’s passed since Instagram nicked the innovation that had made Snapchat the disappearing content app par excellence. In an attempt to rebound, Snapchat has just rolled out a handful of novelties that it hopes will help close the gap now yawning between itself and its competitors.

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Apps to improve both body and mind are all the rage these days. Standing out among the main new releases on Android is adidas All Day, a tool with the seal of quality from the famed German sports brand. It still hasn’t officially launched globally, but you can download and use it already no matter where you are from here on Uptodown.

Saving passwords can be such a dang headache, especially if you use a bunch of different ones for the sites you use most (as you should). But if you don’t fancy using a manager like LastPass, you can always turn to Google’s own service. Thanks to Smart Lock, in addition to inserting passwords automatically into blank fields, you can double-check any passwords that you’ve previously entered into the browser and then forgotten. Here we explain how to do that using the Chrome app for Android.

Bohemia Interactive forged its reputation mainly with its realistic military action saga ARMA, which hit new heights of fame thanks to the amateur mod DAYZ. Later on this mod would get absorbed by the company itself and is currently under development. In the meantime the studio has made certain overtures to the mobile market with, for example, its Arma Mobile Ops and now Mini DAYZa 2D adaptation of the game that includes the vast majority of the features from the original. Plus it’s 100% free and has no in-app purchases of any kind.

The basic idea behind flowkey is straightforward enough: it helps you learn to play the piano by teaching you how to play certain songs with explanatory videos and then detecting and correcting your mistakes through its note recognition system. But its aspirations go much further: this didactic platform uses an interactive visual system to let you replicate what you see onscreen, and even get lessons on technique and theory to help you become a talented pianist … or at least get started on your journey toward becoming one.

Incremental games are one of the biggest genres in smartphone and tablet gaming right now. Their popularity is on a wild upswing and every time we turn around there are a handful of new games that exploit this simple gameplay that falls halfway between pure reflexion and elated jabbing at the screen. Your Correspondent has found himself helpless to stop playing a lot of these games and they are unquestionably a key ingredient for any summer of fun. This is why we’ve picked out five free idle clickers for Android for you to spend time with over your break.

Facebook recently launched a new functionality for its feature-laden smartphone app: Find Wi-Fi is a map displayed on Facebook showing all nearby places with a WiFi connection. One more highly interesting feature that’s now available for all users of the app.