In Going Balls, the fun 3D platformer from Supersonic Studios, you will have to take a ball from one point to another on the setting. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, not so much— the levels have a challenging design that requires precision on your part. If you want to know how to improve in the game, in this post, we offer you 4 key tips.

What is Going Balls?

Going Balls is an obstacle and platform game in which you control a customizable ball. You will be immersed in increasingly challenging games with fun and surprising settings. It has more than 1000 levels with the most varied designs— from small surfaces where you must measure your movements very well to rails where you can reach a hectic speed or areas full of obstacles.

5 tips for success in Going Balls

Although it may seem like a casual game, the truth is that Going Balls offers a challenge that will make it difficult on more than one occasion. Its mix of speed and precision requires attention from you, so we bring you some basic tips to overcome its challenges:

Speed does not always matter

While speed may seem important in Going Balls, it is not always the key to winning. Sometimes, it is more effective to make strategic decisions and calculate moves with precision. Pay attention to the obstacles and power-ups you encounter in the game and look for clever solutions instead of simply running at full speed.

Three Going Balls in-game screenshots

Learn how to take advantage of physics

The physics system of Going Balls has its peculiarities— it is not always realistic, although sometimes it is enough to imagine how a ball would act in real life. We mean that you try to understand how the ball reacts to your movements, sharp turns, and the gravity of the setting. Knowing that, you can use small tricks that take advantage of physics at your convenience.

Three Going Balls in-game screenshots

Know the obstacles well

Throughout each level, you can find various obstacles and traps that will try to make you fall, although many of them can be used to your advantage to make longer jumps if you know how to fall accurately, for example. However, before interacting with these items, make sure you know what they do.

Three Going Balls in-game screenshots

Collect as many coins as possible

Related to not just running at full speed, we recommend that you take your time collecting all the coins on the setting in Going Balls. Many of them are placed on the main path, but others will encourage you to deviate or make jumps that seem impossible. Try to catch them all because they will be very useful.

Three Going Balls in-game screenshots showing coins in tracks

Go in bonus stages

Precisely along the way, you will find portals to other stages— these portals lead to Going Balls bonus stages where you can get extra coins. We recommend that you enter all the ones you see along the way, even if it cuts the flow of the experience, because you can get extra rewards.