Want to play Undawn for free on your mobile device? Tencent’s new shooter and survival game is now available on Android devices and computers, so we tell you how you can get your hands on it without paying.

What is Undawn?

Undawn is an online survival game that allows us to explore a vast post-apocalyptic open world divided into various terrains —plains, mines, deserts, swamps, abandoned cities…—. We can face enemies, creatures, and even other players. We will also be able to unlock new game modes, participate in events, collect resources, and make a shelter of survivors prosper.

When will Undawn be available for mobile devices?

After a long time of waiting with multiple betas and closed tests, we can finally say that Undawn is now available on mobile devices. Tencent has already released the final version of this long-awaited post-apocalyptic action survival game, so there’s no need to keep an eye on whether an open trial is available.

Undawn in-game screenshot showing two characters in front of a building and two hot-air balloons in the background

Is Undawn free to play?

As it is a free-to-play game, we can say that Undawn is a completely free title. That is, you can download it without paying anything for it. That does not mean that inside, you can find possible purchases, micropayments, and other ways to pay real money to support the project, always trying not to fall into the pay-to-win because it allows you to get free rewards. In any case, if we want to play for free, it is possible to do so.

Undawn in-game screenshot showing a little town in the middle of a landscape

How to download Undawn for free on your Android device

Being a free game, to download it on Android, just find the Undawn APK file on Uptodown and install it on your mobile device. As simple as that. It is a safe, easy, and fast process, but to avoid confusion, we will tell you step by step how to do it:

  • Use your phone’s browser to open the Undawn page on Uptodown.
  • Download the APK file of Undawn.
  • When the download is complete, tap on the APK file and proceed to install it.
  • If you get a prompt, choose “Download anyway” and then tap “Install.”

Can you play Undawn on PC?

One of the main features of Undawn is that it is designed to be played on both Android and PC, so it has an official version for computers. That does not detract from the fact that many gamers prefer to use Android emulators on Windows to run the mobile version with better performance than on older devices. It is up to each person to decide, but if you want to go for this option, we recommend you take a look at Uptodown GameLoopa great Android emulator on Windows that you just have to install on your PC and then install all kinds of mobile games and apps on your computer.