A new open-world action and survival game for smartphones has arrived. We’re talking about Undawn, Tencent’s ambitious project. This blockbuster will soon come to smartphones with a cooperative multiplayer system to freely explore a society struck by the apocalypse. Building, combat, crafting… We tell you the details of this long-awaited triple-A for mobiles.

What is Undawn?

Undawn is a new mobile multiplayer game that immerses you in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to survive alongside other players. You play a Raven, an agent entrusted with exploring the terrain, building and protecting a base, recruiting new characters and dealing with human, animal and infected enemies. You can customize your avatar, drive vehicles, improve and get weapons… All this in online servers so you can share games with friends and others.

Undawn’s gameplay

Since the project’s announcement, Undawn’s developers have already released several videos showcasing this long-awaited game’s gameplay. Some showed the mapping, the building system, the wildlife or the weather system, but also the characters that you will meet and more general settings. However, there is a video showing a general gameplay so you can get an idea of what the game will be like. You can watch it below:

Undawn’s key gameplay features

Post-apocalyptic open-world exploration

What truly describes Undawn is the concept of a post-apocalyptic open world in which you can travel through vast scenarios that represent cities, settlements and natural landscapes taken over by a new reality far from civilization as we know it. Not only will there be walking exploration, but it has also been confirmed that there will be vehicles such as SUVs to easily travel long distances.

Image promoting exploration in Undawn, with the Tang character on the right.

Base building

Another of the fundamental aspects of the game is that it allows you to build and manage your own base of survivors. To do this, you will have to gather materials throughout the map that you can later use to create all kinds of structures, from the most basic to the most elaborate. Of course, you will also have to work on defenses to avoid enemy assaults.

Image promoting building in Undawn, with the Yegeny character on the right.

Combat and cooperation with friends and allies

Undawn’s combat system is based on direct action against enemies of all kinds: from animals and humans to infected of different types, with their own features and skills. You will be able to upgrade your weapons and find new tools as you explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland. It will be vital to rely on a good team of allies to make the adventure easier, something that can be achieved thanks to the multiplayer systems that let you cooperate with your friends.

Image promoting arming in Undawn, with the Catherine character on the right.

Realistic survival

Finally, Undawn stands out for a very realistic survival system that will challenge you to survive in the middle of an apocalypse. Your character will have several metrics beyond life and ammunition that you will have to take into account: the body condition, sanity, hygiene and even the metabolism of your survivor.

Image promoting surviving in Undawn, with the Sherry character on the right.

Undawn’s map

Undawn will feature a large open-world map with several connected areas and a dynamic weather system that will be affected by your location. There will be a large city, several islands to explore, radioactive mines, deserts, forests, snowy areas and an area dedicated to the construction of your base. You can check the game map below:

Undawn's map.

Undawn’s characters

In Undawn, you will play a survivor who will meet other characters throughout the adventure. Many of them may become allies, since they seek help through radio signals emitted in the new apocalyptic wasteland. Here is a list of confirmed characters along with a brief description:

  • Tang: An expert when it comes to survival. If you ever need someone to search for supplies in the ruins of the old urban centers, or you just need a hunter who’s skilled with a crossbow, he’s your man. He combines a calm and patient personality with incredible tracking and stealth.
  • Sherry: One of the few qualified nurses left behind since the disaster, she is a kindhearted woman and a favorite amongst the children of the shelter.
  • Catherine: The combat instructor in the Ravens Shelter. She is quiet and reserved, but possesses a strong sense of responsibility, and is highly proficient in many different kinds of firearms.
  • Yevgeny: After the disaster, he joined the Ravens’ rescue team and taught Caine how to become a leader who could help his people survive.
  • Caine: The current leader of the Ravens Shelter who is tasked with leading both the Raven Squad and the development of the shelter itself. When the disaster hit, Caine, as the county sheriff, spearheaded the search for survivors, and also began sending radio broadcasts to the surrounding area, calling on other survivors to join them.
  • Roman: The most reliable vehicle repair specialist in the squad who taught himself to pilot helicopters and has a German Shepherd that he adores.

Several characters under a tent with the message "We will rebuild our home!"

When will Undawn be available?

At the moment, Undawn does not have an exact release date. Like many other mobile game projects, Undawn is under constant development. Its production will go through several test phases that will allow different versions to be played, although it will not always be open and not necessarily to all the players in the world. Initially, it will be available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and other Southeast Asian countries. It will gradually be released in other markets, such as Europe and the U.S., but no information is available yet. As of today, Undawn is still under development, but it promises to deliver a pre-alpha version soon—you can already sign up for it through its official website.