Uptodown Technologies has just launched new versions of its app store localized into Romanian and Vietnamese languages. They thus join the 15 existing ones in which both the interface and the editorial content that supports its 190,000-plus app catalog are translated. The languages that the platform offered until now were: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic, Thai, Turkish and Hindi.

Romanian and Vietnamese are among the 20 most commonly used languages by users who download apps from the app store, so the more than 75,000 registered developers who officially publish apps on Uptodown will find it easier to reach users in these markets.

Uptodown Vietnam | https://vi.uptodown.com/

Uptodown Romania | https://ro.uptodown.com/

new languages final EN Uptodown launches its marketplace in Romanian and Vietnamese

Uptodown, as the biggest alternative app store for Android with a worldwide reach, sets itself apart by creating its own additional content that comes with each download. From now on, reviews, FAQs and thematic categories will be localized and adapted for use in these new languages.

In the words of Luis Hernández, CEO of Uptodown:

“[…] In just a few years, we have seen how many countries have engaged in a dizzying process of technological immersion, so it is our duty to offer them the best possible service according to their needs. […] The user base with an Android mobile device and Internet connection in Vietnam and Romania is huge, and their official languages are among the most used on Uptodown, so it is a necessary move to continue opening up and democratizing this industry […].”

About Uptodown

Uptodown is a multiplatform app store specializing in Android, born in 2002 and based in Malaga, Spain. It features a catalog of over 4 million files sorted into thematic categories and hosted on its own servers. It is an alternative solution for digital software distribution committed to an open and plural ecosystem that respects users’ privacy, with no registration required to download apps from its official app or directly from its website. Its content is available in 17 languages and currently has more than 130 million active users worldwide, providing over 450 million downloads per month.



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