Mobile devices are gaining more and more presence in the world of video games and for many people, they have already become the platform of choice for playing games; the immediacy, accessibility and the fact that many titles are available free of charge help make smartphones an ideal way to play. There are tons of great options out there to play, so many that sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect one for you.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 5 Android games that you can’t miss in 2022, all available for free on Uptodown.

Zooba, a battle royale set in a zoo

Zooba screenshot showing a fox and a gibbon fighting.

The battle royale genre has become mega-popular over the last few years, leading to more and more original titles coming out of the woodwork. Zooba is one of them: here you’ll play an animal in a war-torn zoo, and your mission is to be the last one standing. Your skills will depend on the species you choose at the beginning of the game, but all of them can use weapons and tools that you’ll be able to pick up along the way. You can play alone or with a group of friends, making it one of the most popular Android games available right now.

H.I.D.E., a shooter in which nothing is as it seems

H.I.D.E., the Android game, showing attackers in the Oval Office

H.I.D.E. is a super fun first-person shooter. The key in this game is that there are two teams that face off in each round, each with its own different type of abilities: on one side, you’ll find the police, who are in charge of defending the building with traditional weapons, and on the other, the assailants, who have the ability to turn into different objects. The criminals need to try to sneak in without being seen, staying still as they pretend to be objects in the setting, while the policemen need to pay close attention in order to stop the attack. 

Tales Noir, fantasy role-playing with castles and dungeons

Tales Noir screenshot showing a fantasy setting with two characters fighting

Anyone who prefers fantasy role-playing games will agree that one of the best games that the genre has received lately is Tales Noir, a project that transports you to a magic kingdom where you’ll be able to create your own character and customize it however you want. There, you’ll be in charge of managing a castle, but that’s not all: you’ll also be able to explore dungeons where you’ll have to defeat enemies using a dynamic real-time combat system. It is an online multiplayer game, which means you’ll even be able to meet other people throughout your adventure.

Hyperforma, a hyped-up Arkanoid

Hyperforma's purple screenshot of a spiral shaped by cubes.

Remember Arkanoid, the brick-breaking arcade game? Well, Hyperforma is sort of similar, yet completely unique: the HeroCraft game takes the classic formula of this arcade icon and turns it on its head, making the setting now a three-dimensional cube, and you’ll have to rotate it to make the projectile bounce against all its edges. It’s one of the most interesting, fun and accessible Android games that also tells a story about the future of the Internet-connected society, although it’s actually an offline one-person game.

Soccer Royale, like Clash Royale but on a soccer field

Three Soccer Royale in-game screenshots.

As you can probably guess based on its name and aesthetics, Soccer Royale is an Android game that’s very similar to the popular Clash Royale but with one key difference: instead of castles and warriors, here you’ll find stadiums and soccer players. Its mechanics are also somewhat different since after placing the characters on the playing field, you’ll have to slide your finger to forcefully launch them towards the ball, sort of like the traditional penny soccer game. Each player has his own skills, so your management of the deck and the team will also have an important role in the outcome of the matches.


Translated by Sarah Odebralski