If you love music and enjoy rhythmic challenges, these music games for Android will keep you entertained and allow you to explore different genres of music while testing your skills. Exciting, satisfying, and addictive options that will transport you to a world full of notes and melodies. Get ready to set the beat and immerse yourself in the magic of music with these must-have free titles we recommend below.

Guitar Band Battle

Do you remember the classic Guitar Hero? Would you like to play it on your mobile device? With Guitar Band Battle, you can do so, as it adapts the same gameplay to the vertical screen of your device. It is a free game that uses touch controls to challenge you to play the right notes at the right time. It includes songs from famous rock bands like Kiss, Offspring, The Who, and Eric Clapton.

Three screenshots of Guitar Band Battle, one of the music games for Android

Beat Blade

With Beat Blade, you can play a Beat Saber-style rhythm game without virtual reality. You will have an avatar that you will move from one side of the setting to the other to get him to hit the blocks, although you will also have to avoid obstacles— always following the rhythm of the songs, of course. You can also customize the avatar with new weapons as you unlock them.

Three Beat Blade in-game screenshots


If you’re looking for a good music game for Android but don’t want to sacrifice narrative, we recommend you try Deemo. This adventure immerses you in the emotional story of a boy while using intense music to run the gameplay. It has more than 40 free songs in its story mode, although many more are available in many genres!

Deemo in-game screenshot


With Beatstar, you can test yourself with your favorite songs. This musical game turns the most popular songs of all genres into challenging levels in which you must follow the rhythm by playing the beats at the right time. Its control system is so rewarding that you will not want to stop playing and improve your score since it will also allow you to share your games and unlock new songs.

Beatstar screenshot

Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage!

In a selection of music games for Android cannot miss the most famous virtual idol in the world. Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! is a great game of this vocaloid singer, as it has a fantastic gameplay, several game modes, the possibility of sharing games with friends, and, of course, a great selection of songs to enjoy following the rhythm. Undoubtedly one of the most recommended of this genre.

Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! in-game screenshot


BeatX is like playing an arcade dance machine with your fingers, changing the panel for the touch screen of your mobile device and your feet for your hands. Basically, you have to tap the arrows to the rhythm of the songs in a way that matches the chords that are playing. It includes many songs and allows you to upload your favorite tracks. It also supports local multiplayer and even mats, in case you want to give it more realism.

BeatX in-game screenshot


We finish with Lanota— a role-playing adventure turned into a music game. In this title, you will embark on an epic journey whose challenges are adapted to the peculiar circular gameplay. For example, you will have to face final bosses following the chords of the playing songs. The free version has some limitations, but you can buy the full version to unlock things like the progress limit in the main story or the retry option.

Lanota in-game screenshot