Although the mobile games market is full of new and next-generation proposals, companies do not forget that many people are also interested in returning to those classic games that marked the industry’s early years. That is why today, we can find a wide variety of retro titles adapted to mobile devices, taking advantage of the technological leap that makes it perfectly feasible to run them on modern devices. Here are some of the best ones.

Tetris, a must-have classic reborn on mobile devices

Undoubtedly one of the most famous video games of all time is Tetris— a puzzle game in which you have to place pieces falling from the top of the screen to form rows and prevent them from piling up. Many clones are available today, but you can also find an official adaptation developed by N3twork and a battle royale variant called Tetris Royale that gives an extra multiplayer challenge.

Three Tetris in-game screenshots

All the classic Mario games you can play on mobile devices

Nowadays, playing the great original Super Mario Bros. games is easy. Thanks to emulators —which do not include ROMS—your mobile device can run from the original NES installments to the most recent Wii and Nintendo 3DS games. This means that you will have available a catalog ranging from the 1985 Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario Galaxy, including other essential classics such as Super Mario 64 or Super Mario 3D Land.

Super Mario Bros in-game screenshot showing Mario jumping

Galaga Wars, the quintessential space shooter, has a mobile version

The shoot’em up genre found in Galaga one of its greatest exponents. Now Bandai Namco has recognized that saga and given it a new life by releasing Galaga Wars for free on mobile. It is a completely renewed version at the graphic level but maintaining the addictive and rewarding gameplay. You can control a spaceship that, from the bottom of the screen, shoots the enemies that come from above—a highly recommended challenge.

Three Galaga Wars in-game screenshots, one of the best classic games for mobile devices

Snow Bros, the arcade classic adapted to mobile devices

One of the best classic games of the arcade era was Snow Bros— a two-dimensional cooperative platformer whose protagonists had the power to turn their enemies into snowballs and then throw them into the void to get rid of them. This magnificent adventure can be played for free on mobile devices thanks to an adaptation that keeps the original essence intact while introducing new features such as touch controls.

Snow Bros in-game screenshot

Sonic, Crazy Taxi, Streets of Rage, and other great classic SEGA games

If a company has been able to bring its classic games to mobile devices, that is SEGA— a company with a wide catalog of retro video games adapted to smartphones. There is something for everyone, from the crazy arcade driving game Crazy Taxi to the side action games of the Streets of Rage and Golden Axe series. Of course, we could not miss the adaptations of the original Sonic releases: Sonic the Hedgehog Classic, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic, and Sonic CD Classic.

Sonic The Hedgehog in-game screenshot showing the main character running while getting rings