After the huge success of the simple game Flappy Bird, many mobile game developers launched their own clones. And the truth is that, among all of them, there is one that stands out above the rest: Flappy Dragon, a colorful free game that keeps the simplicity of the original title but adds a fresh touch with new graphics and revised mechanics that make it even more addictive. Below, we explain what it is and how to download Coré Ventura‘s game.

What is Flappy Dragon?

Flappy Dragon is a fun arcade game for smartphones that challenges you to keep a dragon flying in obstacle-filled scenarios. Every time you tap the screen, the dragon flaps; a simple mechanic that is much more challenging and addictive than it may seem at first. The levels’ design gets progressively more complicated the longer you keep flying, so as you level up, it will be gradually more difficult to surpass certain gaps and obstacles. If you crash, you’ll have to start over from scratch.

Flappy Dragon vs Flappy Bird: which is better?

As you can see, Flappy Dragon’s gameplay is very similar to Flappy Bird’s, a successful mobile game that revolutionized the industry at its launch. The game’s popularity was such that its creator even withdrew it from the app stores—although since then, clones, like Flappy Dragon, also seeking to add a twist to the original formula have not stopped appearing.

Flappy Dragon: three screenshots of dragons flying at night, spitting fire and gliding over a city

For instance, one of the key differences between Flappy Dragon and Flappy Bird is that in the dragon game, there are several characters to choose from and, in fact, you can get new creatures by unlocking eggs that will hatch as you play. It also introduces some new changes in the gameplay that allow you, for example, to fly for a longer period or steal chests to get money. Another big difference lies in its graphics, since Flappy Dragon opts for a much more eye-catching and colorful style than the game in which it is inspired.

In general, we could say that Flappy Dragon is a much more complete version of Flappy Bird, with several settings, dragons and unique skills. It keeps the same essence of simple gameplay with a single finger, ideal for playing quick games anywhere, but adding an extra touch that makes it possible not to get tired of it in a matter of minutes.

How to download Flappy Dragon for free on your smartphone

Aside from all the features that make Flappy Dragon a truly attractive mobile game, the best thing is that you can also download it for free and enjoy it without paying a single cent. To do this, just get the file on your device and install it. It’s a very simple process, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Use your phone’s browser to open the Flappy Dragon page on Uptodown.
  • Download the .apk file of Flappy Dragon.
  • When the download is complete, click on the .apk file and proceed to install it.
  • If you get a prompt, choose “Download anyway” and then click “Install.”
  • That’s it! You’ll have Flappy Dragon installed for free on your phone.

Flappy Dragon: dragon flying over a mountain and the word "Tap" on screen

In addition to this method, remember that you can also download the official Uptodown app from this link to download and install apps directly from it. If you prefer to do it this way, just search for “Flappy Dragon” and download the game from there. You’ll be able to see the progress and perform the installation without any additional processes, which makes it a much simpler option.