Clash Royale is by far one of the most popular mobile games: Supercell’s strategy game is agile, tactical, deep and fun, and has an impressive update rate. Many similar projects have emerged around it, reinterpreting the original formula and giving it a personal touch. If you are looking for similar games, here are some alternatives to Clash Royale.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Undoubtedly one of the most awaited games of 2023 is Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a project very similar to Clash Royale but set in Blizzard’s popular fantasy universe. The main novelty of this game is that besides online battles, it lets you enjoy a single-player campaign starring the most famous Warcraft characters. You choose whether to compete against other players or face challenging bosses alone. [Download]

Warcraft Arcligh Rumble: three in-game screenshots showing battles and characters

Soccer Royale

Soccer Royale is one of the most original games similar to Clash Royale that you will see in this list since it mixes its traditional strategy with competitive soccer. You can create a team of heroes with different skills and play fantasy matches against others. Once placed on the field, you have to send the players to hit the ball so that it enters the opponent’s goal. [Download]

Soccer Royale: three in-game screenshots showing two games and the character Hammer

Rush Royale

Rush Royale is a curious strategy video game for mobiles in which two players fight, but not each other: they have to prevent hordes of enemies from destroying their tower, so the first one to fall loses. To avoid this, each player has a series of hero cards that can be placed on the board, although at the beginning of each round you can only place those with the lowest mana cost. [Download]

Rush Royale promo image.

Mighty Battles

Possibly the game with the best graphics on the list. Mighty Battles is a first-person real-time strategy game where you control a cannon from which you can both shoot at the enemy base and generate new units that will help you in the field. Of course, winning will help to unlock and upgrade different military units and vehicles to face increasingly greater challenges. [Download]

Mighty Battles in-game screenshot showing tanks in a city.

Craft Royale – Clash of Pixels

This game is practically identical to Clash Royale, although with a very peculiar graphic twist: it is obvious that Craft Royale – Clash of Pixels is almost a pixelated version of the original game, taking you to a world reminiscent of Minecraft or LEGO. Otherwise, everything is as expected: two players face each other by deploying units on a battlefield with a tower at each end. [Download]

Craft Royale: pixelated in-game screenshot, very similar to a Clash Royale setting.

Chaos League

And talking about similar games to Clash Royale, of course we could not miss Chaos League. This title is almost identical to the original, but with a setting that is not medieval, which in turn allows for even more original units, mixing pirates, aliens, ninjas… Other than that, it’s the same as before: online strategy with quick battles in which your units face the opponent’s to try to destroy their tower. [Download]

Chaos Battle League: in-game screenshot of a ship.

Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale

Another game similar to Clash Royale often mentioned is Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale, a free title that practically reproduces Supercell’s success. In it, you face another player in games with a countdown: the player who has knocked down the most enemy towers when the counter reaches zero wins. Of course, you can manage your deck, upgrade units and compete online with people from all over the world. [Download]

Clash of Wizards: battle taking place in a castle.