No one can have any doubt at this point that Free Fire is one of the kings of the mobile market. This battle royale has become one of the most popular games worldwide and has millions of daily users. However, Free Fire has different versions, and not all offer the same thing. One of the most sought-after by the most experienced players is precisely the one we will talk about today: Free Fire Advance.

What is Free Fire Advance?

Free Fire Advance is one of several versions of Free Fire on the mobile market. Compared to the Battlegrounds and MAX versions, which only differ in the technical aspect and in how much they demand from our mobile device, Free Fire Advance includes several playable changes.

Free Fire Advance is the game version the developers use as a testing ground. This means that Free Fire Advance incorporates the main new features and changes the rest of the versions will receive later. Of course, these tests gather feedback, and not all features and innovations of Advance make it to the other versions of Free Fire —or at least not without changes—.

Therefore, Free Fire Advance is a very peculiar version of Free Fire that advanced players can use to know all the new features off-pat and be prepared for when they land in Free Fire Battlegrounds and Fre Fire MAX.

Free Fire Advance promo image with several characters

However, it is very important to note that while Free Fire Battlegrounds and MAX share progress and accounts, Advance does not. Free Fire Advance works independently, and progress in this version is not carried over to any other version.

How to access Free Fire Advance?

Access to Free Fire Advance is not free but requires an invitation code. Although some online sources claim to have these codes and even sell them, our recommendation is to avoid going to these sources in any case.

To get an invitation code, you must go to the official website of the Free Fire advanced server and register with a Facebook or Google account using your email address. This will put you in the queue to receive an invitation code for Free Fire Advance.

Free Fire Advance registration screen

Please note that access to the advanced server is limited; therefore, you may have to wait a few days from registering until you receive the code. But once you receive the code, you can start playing without any problem from the official app.

Is the Free Fire Advance server always active?

No. As we said, Free Fire Advance is used as a testing ground to gather feedback about the new features coming soon to the rest of the Free Fire versions. Therefore, there are certain times when the studio is working and without the need to collect feedback, so the servers are closed.

The best way to find out when the servers are open is to follow Free Fire’s official accounts on social media, where they notify us soon enough.


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