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Tops and Comparisons

The best way to analyze and evaluate a product is by comparing it with other similiar ones. Thus, we place special emphasis on software comparisons. Thanks to Uptodown’s enormous catalogue we can recommend many alternatives for the same task, meaning there is always a better option than that application you thought was the only one of its kind.

10 Android games that haven’t left Japan yet, but you can...

A lot of videogames don't end up making their way out of Japan, but luckily, the Android ecosystem allows most games to be played without any geographic limitations.

The best image gallery apps on Android

These Android image gallery apps let you keep all your photos nice and organized, just the way you want them.

Tools for working with multiple desktops on Windows

Free programs to be able to manage several desktops simultaneously.

Tag and organize the music on your smartphone with these apps

Use these free apps to organize and complete all the metadata for the music saved on the memory of your Android device.

The best Pokemon fangames and clones

Last Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the first Pokemon game. Here are a dozen games to celebrate the anniversary just how Pikachu wants you to.

TOP 10 Video Editing Software for 2022

A selection of PC tools with which you can edit videos, whether you are a professional creator or an enthusiast who wants to surprise your friends with high-quality content.

Must-have apps for your exam period

If you’re having a hard time hitting the books, these apps will help you plan your time better during the exam period.

The top 10 SRPGs available on Android

We've selected the best SRPGs you'll find on Android. Clear your schedule, it's time to spend hours in intense strategic combats!

The best Android video games in 2021

2021 comes to an end and, therefore, we bring you a summary of the best Android video games for this year.

Remote desktops for Android: Splashtop vs TeamViewer

Thanks to the proliferation of tablets and smartphones with generous screen sizes and resolutions, remote desktop solutions have made the jump to these sorts of devices. TeamViewer and Splashtop are the undisputed kings in this field, although each one is aimed at a particular type of use. Fin out which one might best suit your needs.