Most of us love to travel and discover new places, but it isn’t always easy to get around in regions where a language different than our own is spoken. It can be a barrier when trying to carry out even simple daily tasks. Many people use printed guides to help them solve this issue, as they normally include simple phrases to cover one’s basic needs, even though they can be slow to use and cover a limited amount of information. The ability to use translator apps on your smartphone is a great step in the evolution of these books because they allow you to translate entire phrases into a large number of languages, even using voice recognition with your phone’s microphone.


Google Translate

Without a doubt, this is hands down the best translation app that you can use right now because, in addition to being free, it allows you to translate between 65 different languages. One of the app’s most exciting features is that it allows you to enter text by speaking into your phone’s microphone, then translates it and even pronounces it in 17 languages. You can also use your phone’s camera to take pictures of text or signs and have them translated instantly. The app can be used without an Internet connection in the event that you don’t have a WiFi hotspot nearby or 3G connection. This is why you can say that it is the most complete and powerful translator that you can find.


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This app is more of a dictionary with a connection to Wikipedia than it is a translator, even though it can be very useful if you need to know the meaning of some phrases where you are at. The app has dictionaries you can access whether you are on or offline, in addition to an option to playback the word or phrase you want to translate with different accents, which at the moment is supported in American and British English.


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iTranslate is one of the most popular translation apps on the iPhone that you can now also enjoy on Android. With more than 50 recognized languages, this free application allows you to listen to high-quality voices in more languages than you can imagine. With iTranslate you can translate words, phrases, or even entire paragraphs.


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Quick Translate

This simple application is based on Bing’s translator. Quick translate supports 36 different languages, and has an exciting feature that allows you to translate SMS messages directly.


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Talk Translate

Talk Translate is a free app that allows you to translate between the trivial amount of 36 languages. It’s strong point is that it supports voice recognition for 12 different languages that allows you to obtain an approximate translation of your words in the the desired language. Also, if you are connected to the Internet, you can use the feature that translates what you are saying in real time, allowing you to even maintain a conversation.


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