Do you love to eat and cook for others? Do you want to impress your guests or innovate in the kitchen? Do you just want to learn the basics?  This list of the best apps for cooking aficionados is definitely for you then. Trade in your basic omelet-making skills for more advanced ones with just a few simple steps and without having to pay for an expensive culinary school. Delight even the pickiest of eaters with the help of your smartphone.

Tasty comida


This Buzzfeed app is perhaps the most popular one (viral status). We’ve all seen at least one or two Tasty recipe videos on Facebook or Instagram, but now, it’s available to you at all times. The best part is that you don’t just have to drool and procrastinate while watching these addicting videos, you can actually learn from them. This app is no-doubt one of the best ones for cooking aficionados because it’s eye-catching and very visual. All you have to do is download and open the app and you’ll immediately have access to a bunch of different recipes. You can mark your preferences, such as if you prefer to watch only vegetarian recipes, or you’re looking for deserts (that delicious guilty pleasure).

Another great feature is that you can edit your own recipe book using the favorites section, where you can add the recipes that you’ve already tried or would like to try in the future. The Tasty recipes include a complete list of ingredients, step by step instructions and a hypnotic video. This app takes you by the hand and shows you the way whether you’re just starting your cooking journey or you’re an expert looking to expand your recipe book. It’s easy to use design, popularity, and eye-catching visuals make this app a great first choice for those who want a cooking app in their smartphones. [Download]



Cookpad is another great cooking app and there’s a feature that sets it apart. Besides its huge recipe book, you can actually share your own recipes with the rest of the user community. This app is great if you’re a cooking aficionado and you’re looking for different and unique recipes. Uploading your recipes is really easy. All you have to do is upload a picture of your dish (as eye-catching as you can make it), name your recipe and add the list of ingredients and step by step instructions.

The more details you can offer, the easier it’ll be for others to replicate the dish. You can also use Cookpad to follow the recipes that other users have added to the huge recipe book. The book includes anything from stews to desserts. Thanks to the recipes that other users have uploaded, you’ll have enough variety to keep trying out new dishes. This app is perfect if you like to experiment in the kitchen and share with others your best culinary creations. [Download]



You’ve probably also seen these recipe videos in one of your social networks. The Tastemade app includes the same videos floating around Facebook and Instagram, as well as other excellent resources that can help you improve or perfect your cooking skills. Tastemade doesn’t include a list of ingredients or a text that explains the recipe step by step. However, it does include really detailed videos that’ll explain the recipe perfectly.

Tastemade also includes a huge catalog where you can search by recipe name or ingredients. For example, if you’re craving a cheesy recipe, just type cheese on the search bar and you’ll get a bunch of recipes that’ll cater to your needs.


If you’re a cooking aficionado this app will definitely become one of your favorites because you can take advantage of the experience of some of the most popular authors of the app. You’ll feel like you’re watching a traditional cooking show, but, you’ll also learn techniques, recipes, and tricks that can help you on your day to day cooking. This app is the perfect companion if you want to have access to a recipe book on your smartphone as well as master the kitchen. [Download]

apps para amantes de la cocina - Tastemade

Recipes Troupe

Recipes Troupe is more than a cooking app, it’s more like a cooking social network. All the recipes you’ll find here have been uploaded by other users, and you can do the same with your culinary creations. Filters and tags are your friends in Recipes Troupe because they’ll help you find the recipes that you want to try out. You can choose the type of food that you want to cook (desserts, meats, salads, rice,etc.), the preparation time you want to invest, the price, the difficulty level or the cooking method (oven, boiled, microwave, etc.).

So, if you only have half an hour and a microwave, Recipes Troupe will provide you with the perfect recipe. Another really unique feature is that you can ‘compete’ with your own culinary creations. All you have to do is upload your recipe including detailed instructions and eye-catching images. With any luck, your culinary masterpiece will be among one of the most visited recipes and you’ll gain culinary fame.  [Download]

apps para amantes de la cocina - Recipes Troupe

Simply Cooking

This app is the ideal companion for culinary newbies. Simply Cooking offers what it promises, simplicity. You won’t find videos here. The recipes appear in slides that include detailed step by step instructions that are clearly aimed at helping those who have little to no experience in the kitchen. The only downside is that you can move forward with the slides, but not backward. In other words, if you’ve completed step number two, you can go on to step number three. But, once you’ve moved on, you can go back to step number two again. So, make sure you complete every step before you move on.

Simply Cooking includes a long list of recipes that are also divided by ingredients. So, if you want to use chicken, just ask Simply Cooking to show you chicken recipes and you’ll see several options with different difficulty levels. Plus, if you’re feeling adventurous and inspired,  tap on the ‘surprise me’ option, and Simply Cooking will choose a random recipe.

apps para amantes de la cocina - Simply Cooking

The app doesn’t include too many tricks and gadgets such as videos or incredibly detailed instructions, but it will help any culinary newbie complete the recipe step by step. Simply Cooking includes simple but easy to follow instructions. If you’ve recently moved out of your parents’ home and you don’t really know the difference between a pot and a pan, then Simply Cooking is definitely for you. [Download]


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