When boredom or loneliness strike, your smartphone can be the best ally to fight against them. We made a list of some of the best casual games that’ll keep you entertained and distracted, without having to focus your full attention on the story of a game or recall where you last left off. 

So what are casual games?

They’re usually games that include different levels that you can complete as you complete different challenges. These can last only a couple of minutes and become incredibly addicting without you even noticing. They’re usually super fun and they’re designed to not have an immediate ending. In other words, you can spend hours and hours before you run out of levels. 

Casual games are actually the most popularly downloaded games. The reason could be their ease, their entertainment value or simply because they keep you distracted without requiring your full attention in order to complete the different challenges (which can actually be pretty difficult). Most of these games are pretty popular and you can sometimes find guides online that’ll help you complete the most difficult levels. It’s not uncommon for these types of games to be present in the smartphones of people from all over the world. Here’s a list of games that you might enjoy:

Juegos casual

Piano Tiles 2

If you like music and you’ve got agile fingers, Piano Tiles is the perfect game for you. You can choose the song you’d like to play and you’ll have to make sure that the song sounds just like the original. The gameplay is simple because this is a music game that’s similar to Guitar Hero. Once you’ve picked the song, you’ll see four rows where the tiles will land. You’ll have to tap on those black tiles at the right time to make sure that you play the right music notes.

Your fingers must be accurate as well as speedy in order to get to all the tiles for each song. The difficulty could be low with a slow pace, or the expert mode in which you’ll barely see the tiles fall. You’ll need the skills of a virtuoso in order to tap all the tiles on time. As soon as you complete a level, you’ll get different rewards that you can use to buy more songs and expand your repertoire.  [Download]

Bottle Flip 3D

The game that became so popular a couple of summers back is now in your smartphone. Playing Bottle Flip is easy, but that doesn’t mean that completing the levels is easy. Every time you tap on the bottle, it’ll flip. Your objective is to flip the bottle over all the surfaces of the house you’re in without it ever touching the ground. 

If the bottle falls to the ground, you’ll have to start all over again. We’re talking about sofas, wobbly shelves, pictures that can fall to the ground, etc. The levels are increasingly difficult and your only ally is the double flip. As soon as your bottle is airborne, tap on the screen and the bottle will flip again to land further away. This is a good trick to use when the surfaces are too separated from each other. Just keep in mind that you can use it once, there’s no such thing as a triple flip. When you complete the levels, you’ll directly go on to the next one. If you’re lucky you can complete a good number of levels in a short while. [Download]

Mejores juegos casual - Bottle Flip 3D

Candy Crush Saga

This is perhaps the most popular casual game ever. It’s been downloaded into more smartphones than any other (in either one of its versions). Candy Crush is simple and might remind you of the classic arcades that challenged you to pop bubbles and clear the panel by matching colors. This time, the colors are represented by candy and you’ll have to tap on it to exchange their locations. Your objective here is to match groups of three to make them explode and clear them from the screen. 

Its unending versions, levels, and difficulty levels have placed Candy Crush as one of the most popular casual games ever. You can also find a bunch of tutorials online to help you overcome the difficulties that you might encounter in the game. Your skills will help you complete the levels and accumulate boosters that’ll help you complete the most difficult levels. [Download]

Plants vs Zombies 2

Another big hit in the casual game category is a super entertaining game that challenges you to polish your strategy skills and fight against the clock, otherwise, the zombies will demolish your crop. The gameplay is pretty easy: you’ll be located on one side of the board and the zombies on the other, slowly moving towards your crop. Keep in mind that they might move slowly, but there could be unending mobs of zombies and you’ll have to use your plants as weapons. 

Plants that can shoot,  each one at a different speed and with skills. You can use those skills to try to make sure that the zombies don’t reach you and win the round. Plants vs Zombies 2 requires focus and knowledge of your plants and the enemy. It’s important to be aware that zombies will pop up because you can suddenly encounter a wizard or a joker on an open area of the board. Therefore, it’s important to use all your strategic skills to win. This is a super fun game that’ll keep you entertained for hours. [Download]

Plants vs Zombies 2

Trivia Crack

The classic Trivia game has become one of the best and most popular casual games for your smartphone. Trivia Crack can be played on your own or against your friends. The questions are divided into different categories like literature, sports or geography. You have to have a pretty good handle on general culture if you want to get most of the questions correctly and win. You have to turn the wheel to figure out the category you’ll have to face: Art, science, sports, entertainment, geography, history and a special section with a crown on it. 

The objective of the game is to get all six characters on the wheel. The first player that can do so, wins. Trivia Crack is a great option for any fan of Trivia. You can either challenge a friend or a random stranger. Mastering only one of the categories is not enough with this game. You have to have a pretty good handle of all the categories to win. [Download]

preguntados screenshot 1 The best casual games for your Android

Coin Master

A super fun and simple game that definitely requires a strategy. Coin Master challenges you to play with a classic slot machine to build your very own city. We’re talking about a simple game that’s perfect for any type of player. This a user-friendly game that lets you build a city using coins.

You can pull on the slot machine a limited number of times and wait for the grand prize. The better the prize, the better your city. Plus, you can also ransack other cities and take their wealth, or, play online with a large community to collect huge rewards, cards or increase the extent of your territory. [Download]

Coin Master

Twist Hit!

This is an arcade and one of the best casual games. We’re talking about a game that challenges you to fill in the rings of the tree as it turns. If you crash against the wrong piece, you’ll lose. An arcade game that requires patience, accuracy and it has a simple gameplay: all you have to do is tap on your screen in order to throw the lighting bolt and create the ring. if you let go of the screen, you’ll stop throwing. 

Your mission in Twist Hit! is to create rings around the tree and avoid crashing against the dark pieces when you throw the lighting bolt. You’ll create trees and forests and access more difficult levels. This is a relaxing game that’ll require patience all the way through. Plus, it’s simple and apt for any type of user.  [Download]

Twist Hit!

Hay Day

Farm games became popular a while back and Hay Day is one of the best options for Android. It includes an attractive interface and a simple mission: to create your own farm and make sure it works properly. To do so, you’ll have to make sure you plant, harvest and take care of all the animals living in it.

Hay Day is a social game that lets you ask help from your Facebook friends (and other social media). You can negotiate and exchange your crops for other elements you might be missing. It’s entertaining and it’s the type of game that’ll get you hooked for hours even when you know how it works and that you’ve been playing similar games for ages. You’ll still want to have the best farm. [Download]

The Sims Mobile

Be honest, how many hours of your life have you spent playing The Sims? This EA game doesn’t go out of style and its version for smartphones lets you do practically the same thing you would with its desktop version. You can create your own Sims by choosing between all kinds of body types, faces, and outfits. Once you’re done, you can also build your own house, create your family and get achieve your life goals.

This game of The Sims for smartphones has little to envy the classic version of the game. It includes a bunch of possibilities and incredible visuals that allow you to play wherever you go. You no longer have to pause the game when you leave home. A classic game that’ll get you hooked once again. [Download]

Gru: Despicable Me: Minion Rush

The popular minions are the protagonists one of the best casual games for the little ones that’ll also get adults hooked. This is a classic endless runner puts you in control of the minions on the screen so you can get as far as possible. You’ll have to finish the round without crashing against any object and collecting all the bananas that cross your path. You can buy all kinds of upgrades with your bananas.

You can customize your minions using those bananas that you collected in this game that’s filled with options and accessories. It’s really simple, all you have to do is tap on the screen to go from one side to the other. This game is ideal for any downtime you may have. Plus, the game includes visuals that’ll conquer the hearts of kids and adults alike.  [Download]

Minion Rush



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